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Examples of Activism

Humans More Equal - November 2010
SHARK vs. Pigeon Hunters - February 2010
Operation IX3 - Investor Insanity - WAR, August 2009

Jenny's Song: com/watch? v=Bc4S6J8J_ Y0

Animal Liberation Video, Sept '08, Farm Sanctuary

Los Angeles Animal Services Demo - December 2008

At our circus protest/demo today there were not near as many cars as last year. I hope a lot of people saw 20/20 last night and decided not to go.

Part 1: http://youtube. com/watch? v=GhxKnys7Ryw
Part 2: http://youtube. com/watch? v=7sRiH_Owq9U
Part 3: http://youtube. com/watch? v=N8U9dw- 9U4E

SHARK's "Birds of Prey" Ultralites protect animals, from wild burros to deer to geese and other animals. One of our favorite stories was our effort to keep geese safe.

Slideshow of a hen rescue

Walk for the Underdog

http://www.bedforda nimalaction. org/2008/ 10/06/national- anti-fur- march-and- rally-demo- report/

On the first of April 2008, five Animal Liberation Victoria activists locked down inside the Monash Uni Admin building as a further protest against the experiments being performed on live rabbits by Physiology students. Visit for more information.

footage: Laurens De Groot. stills: Noah Hannibal & Anita Frank
editing: Erik Gorton

Banned animal rescuers sue Hempstead - Dec 2010
SHARK Rescues 21 Wounded Birds After Horrific Live Pigeon Shoot - Dec 2010
Maryland Girl Saves Pets With Web - Feb 08
Lucy Is Gone - Speak Out In Her Name - Dec 07
     Lucy: Lawless
First Campaign Target Fading Into History - January 2007
Zanesville KFC Protest - January 2007
Protests spur Portland fur dealer's move - November 2006
Ringling Brothers Protest - October 2006
Waltham Circus Protest - US. October 2006
Day of Action for Primates - UK. October 2006.
September 2006 -- One year later, the forgotten pets of New Orleans remain forgotten, struggling to survive in a land that became foreign to them overnight. Those who have used primitive survival instincts have survived, relying heavily on our F/W stations. Many, unable to adapt, have perished. Even the survivors encountered day to day challenges as houses, which have become havens, crumbled around them. TNR is in place, but we can't keep up with the reproduction rate, as thousands of puppies and kittens are born. View the video link below--includes footage as recent as Sept. 23, 2006. com/watch? v=pl4D3dW0N_ o
     View my other videos at  www.unconditionalfr, under movies. Pam Leavy. Baton Rouge, La.
Katrina rescue -- 2-1/2 minute movie. 
French billboard modification -- L'Oreal Spoof
Foie Gras Protest - Mercy For Animals members protest the cruel treatment of ducks in the production of Foie Gras outside the Bexley Monk restaurant in Columbus, Ohio
Mobile Billboard -- Jan. 2006. Mobile Billboard Opposing "Cruelty 101" Circles Fiesta Bowl
Mary Alice -- Jan. 2006. Roseland activist goes global in bid to stop Chinese fur trade.
SARO protest -- Jan. 2006. Protest by Syracuse University students and community members.
Fur Free Assault -- Nov 2005. Anti-fur protesters assaulted at Antonovich furs: Cops side with owner!
    Fur Free Movie
FARM Founder Protest -- Oct 2005. Virginia protest.
French Protest -- Oct 6, 2005. Toulouse. France.
IDA rescued squirrel -- from hurricane Katrina.
May 2005 Protests -- J. Lo and KFC (Malaysia).
Illegal Slaughter -- March 7, 2005. UK. Hillside's Investigation Exposes UK's Biggest Illegal Slaughterhouse!
Support-China -- Winter 2005. "Friends of Animals Asia" Support Groups Established in China!
Werkzaamheden -- Winter 2005. In German language. Sad photos of abused dogs.
SF LA -- Jan 14, 2005. SF: We kill millions of pets every year. Who cares if a few get posh shelters and humane laws? By Mark Morford. Jan 12, LA. Mayor Hahn shreds the constitution and serves specious warrants on activists.

Animal Rights

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Ringling Brothers. Fresno, California 2007.

KFC Protest

Nieman Marcus Protest

Jill Phipps, activist who died while protesting

Video Clips:  Newchurch   HLS Exposed

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people in meat packages-- demo in Madrid against meat.

Spaniards against fur.

Billboard in Auckland New Zealand changed to suit vegans.

Rabbits for vivisection liberated in England.

Regal Rabbits breeder was closed in less than 1 month by the ALF and a campaign.

Row of police officers guarding Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Demo at Fleetwood Magistrates Court due to attempts to charge an activist with 'Harassing' workers at F2 chemicals in Preston (by sending emails). The case was thrown out because the police had messed it all up.

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