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Fighting the Fur Business

http://www.petkaput .com/Beijing2008 / Anti-fur video


Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) shows, by concentrating on and targeting one business at a time, how to close down fur stores:

Begin forwarded message:  December 31, 2007

We had another great protest at Harris & Klaff Saturday. 35 activists were there, and we definitely are getting on their nerves. Which, given how they make their living, is good. Public reaction was very positive. One young man from the neighborhood saw us and immediately joined us. When we expanded to set up activists in the highly visible area around the T stop, a T official came over, and we thought he was going to hassle us. Instead, he told us that he has 2 pet rabbits and was "proud" that we were there.

Once again, although there were fur customers when we got there, they quickly left and no new customers entered the store while we were there. And because H & K is not open on Sundays, this is especially positive for the animals and bad for their business. Please help us keep up the pressure; this is exactly how we closed down Cosmo last winter. It will take a lot of activist stamina for H&K though because they are so well established. It may take more than just one fur season, but we are in for the long haul.

MARC Brookline Fur Protest Saturday

WHAT: MARC Fur Protest at Harris & Klaff Furs in Brookline. (Coolidge Corner area.) They have just been bought by a new owner and gotten a huge shipment of furs.

WHEN: Saturday January 5, 1:00-2:30pm.

WHERE: Harris & Klaff Furs 1333 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446.

RSVP/INFO: rayshick@  or just answer this email or just show up. (Demo is weather permitting only. Check for postponement email or call 978-257-7062 on morning of protest.) Signs, literature & hand/foot warmers provided.

WHY: Harris & Klaff Fur has been peddling animal torture for over 80 years. We say that is an obscene amount of animal cruelty. Farmed fur animals are kept in tiny, filthy cages and often go insane. Fur bearing animals receive zero protections under the Humane Slaughter Act. They are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution, stomping, having their necks broken, or having poison injected directly into their hearts to not spoil their fur. Animals electrocuted through their genitals often convulse for two or more minutes before succumbing to massive heart attack. Trapped animals suffer awful, slow deaths in body gripping traps. They often chew off their legs or other body parts in a failed attempt to escape. If they are still alive when traps are checked, they are usually stomped or clubbed to death.


Take exit 18 on the left toward Brighton. Merge onto Cambridge Street. Turn left at Harvard Avenue. Harvard Avenue becomes Harvard Street. Turn left onto Beacon Street. The fur store is on the inbound side of Beacon near the corner of Harvard and Beacon (Coolidge Corner). If you are parking in the parking garage listed below, stay on Harvard until you get to it. Beacon is a split street with the T tracks running down the middle of two separate roads. Harris & Klaff Fur is on the inbound (far) side of Beacon. You will be able to see us from the intersection.

If you need driving directions from somewhere else, just ask us and we will be happy to provide them.


Harvard Parking Associates garage is at 209 Harvard St, Brookline - (617) 734-4405. Just continue down Beacon until you hit Harvard Street. Just park, walk back up Harvard, cross the T tracks on Beacon, and then turn right on Beacon. There is also some limited street parking, some metered, and some free. There is also metered parking behind the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Coolidge Corner is crowded so look for spots a few blocks away. There is free parking along the Green Line east and west of Coolidge Corner on Beacon Street but it is about a 20 min. walk to Harris & Klaff Fur. Do not park in "Residential Parking" spots.


The Coolidge Corner Station is at Beacon Street and Harvard Street, Brookline on the Green Line C. Just look for us outside the store on Beacon right past the intersection with Harvard.

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