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Free Activist Banners

Wetlands Activism Collective has produced lots of gorgeous campaign banners since our inception in 1989. We are now making these banners available for free. We'd appreciate a donation towards shipping and handling if you want us to mail them to you. Or, you can come come and pick them up directly from our storage unit in Brooklyn. To make an appointment to do this, call Adam at (201) 928-2831. Take a look at the links below and let us know if you would like any of these banners.

Disney= Sweatshops + Unionbusting
Celebrate Working Women: Global Sweatshop Coalition(Graphic: Female symbol w/ fist)
Healthcare Not Warfare
Last Tribe (Text in Colorful Circle)

Canada Stop Killing Baby Seals (Graphic: Blood Drops Off The Word "Stop")
Dennis Basso: Animal Killer, Not Humanitarian!
Trapped or Caged: Fur is Violence! (Graphic: Animal Caught in Leghold Trap, Animal in Cage)  and
Mexico Stop Killing Sea Turtles  and
Boycott Canada Before the Sell My Penis to China

Greenpeace Rally Today
You're Walking on Dead Rainforest (Graphic: Stilettos)
If You Want to Kill Species Buy Mitsubishi: Wetlands Rainforest Action Group (Graphic: Lorax)
NYC D.O.T. Kills Rainforests for Brooklyn Bridge Deck and S.I. Ferry Terminals (w/ tree and stump graphics)  and
Department of Trans. Ferry Terminal Terminates Guyana Rainforests
Camping Not Cutting! (Graphic: Tent and campfire)
Home Depot: Stop Killing the Ancient Forest
Allegheny National Forest: What's Left (Graphic: Map of Forest)
Ralph Klein Report Card: Clearcutting A+ Extinction A+ Pollution A+ Forestry F Native Rights F Jobs F  and
Boycott Mitsubishi: The World's Largest Rainforest Destroyer
Home Depot: Stop Killing Forests
The Home Depot: Old Growth Wood: Don't Buy It, Don't Sell It! (Graphic: Home Depot
Logo)  and
Old Navy and Gap Owners Destroy Redwood Forests (Graphics: Old Navy
Logo, Gap Logo, Stumps, Felled Redwood)  and
Thompson Mahogany = Murder  and  and
N.Y.S.E.! Don't Invest in World Bank Funded Destruction
MTA Uses Rainforest Wood for Subway Tracks (Graphic: 4, 5, and 6 Subway signs)  and
Zebra Wood Logging Steals Native People's Homes (Graphic: Zebra Stripes)
Prada Destroyed African Rainforests for This Store
West LB: No $$$ for Amazon Oil Pipeline (Graphic: Tree Stumps, Pipeline spewing blood)  and
New York Times: Save Clayoquot Sound (Graphic: Stump)  and
Save Australia's Forests (Graphic: Trees)
Mexico: Stop the Killing: Help Us! (Graphic: Sea Turtle and Fish in Driftnet)
R.I.P. Here Lie the Rainforests Killed by Mitsubishi  and
Stop Mexican Druglord Tyranny in the Sierra Madre Forest!  and

For announcements of human, animal, and earth liberation actions in
New York City, send a blank email message to

Wetlands Activism Collective, PO Box 344, New York, NY 10108
Phone: (201) 928-2831 Email:

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