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SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27th: 15 anti fur activists protested fur at the well-advertised scum Antonovich furs in Totowa NJ. Four activists decided to leave the highway area and went to the entrance of the fur store to protest the fur hags and ghouls going into the store purchasing the murdered animals. One customer actually came out and said you are right fur is cruel and HANDED ME HER FULL LENGTH RACCOON COAT so I could send it into HSUS for their COATS FOR CUBS campaign (see link below).

The fur hags/ghouls going into the "shop of horrors" were greeted by our chants & fur facts i.e. fur is cruel, wear the bloody side out, have compassion this season don't buy fur, fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people, 50 dead baby raccoons on your back and so on. As expected the fur wearers exiting or entering the shop of horrors cursed, yelled, and told us were to go.

Then about an hour into the protest the owner, manager and a fur ghoul customer come out and start shouting we are harassing the "customers". They started to push and shove one of the activists (Steve) yelling "come on fag punch me come on punch me" the activists stood his ground and said "I don't want to punch you its our 1st amendment right to be here". The psycho animal killers continued to push and shove the activists I tried to break up the confrontation by standing in front of Steve hoping these thugs would not push or punch a woman I was very wrong. They pushed and shoved me called me a few vulgar names and said "come on punch me pussy. Come on lets fight". I told the manager this is typical behavior from a psychotic killer he then took his elbow and at full force jammed it into my stomach.

The police finally arrive 15 minutes after being called. They said "if I wanted to press charges against the man who hit me I could go to the courts next week and have a complaint written up," I said "I want it NOW!!" He kept trying to deter me from having a police report written up. Finally an activist said "you need to write a police report TODAY". Then the officer said "well what do you expect, when you have opposing views these things happens and you have to expect it" I said "I don't expect to get punched and shoved while exercising my 1st amendment right!" the cop continued to side with the animal killers by saying "you caused this situation to happen by being here, what did you expect". Finally the cops said "you will be able to pick up the police report on Tuesday. If you want to put a complaint in you need to go to the court but I can tell you the judge will throw it out because its an argument of 2 different points of view" I then said " I don't mind debating with the animal killer but I do mind him shoving, pushing and punching me. That's not different points of view that's violence!!"

As you can see, the police are on the animal killers side (NO KIDDING). We need to band together on this and protest this psychotic killer's store. We need to protest this SHOP OF HORRORS! We need a huge presence telling him we will not be silenced nor will we be bullied!! We will keep you posted about this protest.

For the animals
Debbie Kowalski
Co Founder Caring Activists Against Fur

Coats for cubs fur_and_trapping/coats_for_cubs.html