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Maryland Girl Saves Pets With Web

Maryland Girl Saves Pets With Web

February 24, 2008

IJAMSVILLE, Md. (AP) - A sixth-grader in Frederick County is using her Internet skills and a love for animals to pair up those looking to get rid of a pet with those looking to find one on a Web site she created herself.

Eleven-year-old Jennie Lupkin finds people looking for pets and people trying to live without them, e-mails them and eventually finds successful matches.

Jennie attends Oakdale Middle School in Ijamsville and has several pets herself: a dog, a hermit crab, two birds and fish.

Jennie didn't start with her own Web site; she first matched someone on Craigslist looking for a cat with a cat available at a local animal shelter.

She later created  with photos and stories of other animals up for adoption.

--- On the Net: Jennie Lupkin's pet adoption site:

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