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Lucy Is Gone - Speak Out In Her Name

12/21/07: Lucy Is Gone - Speak Out In Her Name

Lucy was Killed Today... Please say a prayer light a candle for her...
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Sunnyvale, California Government Contacts

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Sunnyvale City Attorney David Kahn
Sunnyvale City Hall * PO Box 3707 * Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707
ph: 408-730-7464; fax: 408-730-7468
email: ,

Honorable Judge Brian Walsh
Department 18, Old Courthouse
191 N. First Street * San Jose, CA 95113
ph: 408-882-2320

Sunnyvale Mayor Otto Lee
PO Box 64457 * Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4457
ph: 408-730-7473, 408-739-8887; fax: 408-730-7699
Executive Assistant to Mayor/City Council:

Sunnyvale City Council
P.O. Box 3707 * Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707
main ph: 408-730-7500; fax: 408-730-7699
Christopher R. Moylan, Councilmember: 650-723-9518,
Amy Chan, Sunnyvale City Manager: 408-730-7480,
John N. Howe, Councilmember:
Dean J. Chu, Councilmember: 
Melinda Hamilton, Councilmember: 

Humane Society Silicon Valley
2530 Lafayette Street * Santa Clara, CA 95050
main ph: 408-727-3383; fax: 408-727-7845
email: ,
Beth Ward, Director: 408-727-3383, ext. 858 *

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Ladies and Gentleman,

The City of Sunnyvale failed a little boy on December 20, 2007 when they unjustly euthanized his dog Lucy. They also failed Lucy, a first-time offender with no record of prior aggression.

On July 30, Lucy allegedly attacked a Chihuahua when she escaped from the home of her family, Ian Young, Desiree Hedberg and their two-year-old son Liam. This Chihuahua had been known to agitate Lucy in the past.

While the attack is tragic, I don't understand why the city of Sunnyvale and courts of Santa Clara chose to break another family's heart. Concerned citizens everywhere want to ensure this injustice never repeats itself.

Lucy had no history of dangerous behavior and was reportedly provoked before the attack. Even if Lucy were classified a "potentially dangerous dog," California law enables her to live freely with restrictions such as supplemental insurance and muzzling in public. Sunnyvale Municipal Code stipulates Lucy could return home with terms and conditions or be removed from the city. If ordered to leave, Lucy could have gone to any number of rescue sanctuaries specializing in troubled dogs.

Instead, authorities overturned three appeals and opted to kill a companion animal who has shown no previous threat to humans or animals. Sunnyvale's own animal behaviorist described Lucy as a very friendly, well-socialized dog in her report. The Young's behaviorist, who represented them in court at no cost, rated Lucy a 0 out of 10 for human aggression.

I urge the city of Sunnyvale and courts of Santa Clara to reevaluate a municipal process that allowed this miscarriage of justice. Lucy should not be dead. Please fix the broken system that let this happen.



Sometimes, the death of one hurts as much, if not more, than the statistical death of many. Lucy had a face...


complete court transcript (pdf file)

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