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Los Angeles Animal Services Demo, December 2008

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Los Angeles Animal Services DEMO WRAP UP!

Los Angeles, December 20th, 2008: Activists picketed two of the most influential deputy LA city mayors who have the ability to save the lives of animals inside LAAS by a stroke of their pen.

First up was Robin Kramer at 123 North Arden in Los Angeles; Kramer is Chief of Staff for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Did you know that Villaraigosa is so abhorrent, he and his staff are cutting money from the spay/ neuter budget blaming it on the city's budget crises? The money they're cutting for spay/neuter is such a small percentage of the city's spending, they would have been better off cutting Ed Boks' six figure salary and other do nothing LAAS administrators in order to keep the money needed for spay/neuter.

But the Mayor's priorities, as well as his Mayoral staff, are so slanted against life-saving opportunities, and their behavior towards the animals of our city so reprehensible, that they are surely going to be remembered as one of the worst administrations this city has ever had. Laura Chick the comptroller who has been a critic of LAAS for years, has even come out publicly and stated that another entity within the private sector should come in to help the mismanaged department of animal services- we only wish SHE was running for Mayor against Villaraigosa!

LAAS is so completely backward in it's operations, so archaic and so stuck in a 1950's catch-and-kill mind set, that activists are forced to continue their pickets against those who are responsible for this slaughter of homeless and lost animals-- and Kramer was the first to be picketed.

Most of Kramer's neighbors were sympathetic and even embarrassed that they have someone like Robin Kramer living on their street; one even came out and apologized and said Kramer is a Bi**h!" But Kramer's next door neighbors are as nasty, inconsiderate and self-centered as Kramer is. When picketers were walking on the public side walk, the next door neighbor turned on their sprinklers just as activists were walking by drenching their posters as the male who turned them on stood laughing. Activists asked him if he would laugh seeing animals being dragged to the kill rooms?

Then the same neighbor pulled his gas-guzzling SUV blocking the sidewalk therefore preventing activists from walking on pavement held in public trust and paid for by the tax payers! Activists notified police and even the po-po realized when they arrived that the neighbors ridiculous antics were unlawful (although they didn't cite them, which of course they should have.) However, activists intend to bring a civil suit against these neighbors who not only violated the rights of picketers, but who have also physically assaulted activists in the past and continue their criminal behavior. Picketers have decided to begin fighting back in the courts and becoming pro active rather then allowing their rights to be continuously violated and simply turning the other cheek.

The next stop was Dan Grunfeld at 2307 Duxbury Circle in Los Angeles; the last time activists picketed his neighborhood, his next door neighbor Michael Wisotsky and a sidekick pulled out a shot gun and hand gun on legal picketers! This time activists called ahead for police protection, and this time Wisotsky came running out of his home with his pants undone and his underwear and privates hanging out for all to see! He began screaming at activists and then called police. Activists figured he must have been on the potty when he heard the picketers and ran out without pulling up his pants! This guy is 100 percent certifiably nuts and dangerous.

Deputy Mayor Dan Grunfeld must be so proud to live next to a neighbor of this caliber; but Grunfeld himself isn't much better! When a small petite female picketer attempted to leave a leaflet on the windshield of Dan Grunfeld's vehicle, Grunfeld yelled "Don't put that fuc**ing leaflet on my car; get the fu** out of here." Nice words from the deputy Mayor of the city of Los Angeles!! But despite these antics, picketers continued their legal picket and neighbors began coming out of their houses to see what all the fuss was about. Activists explained to the neighbors the slaughter going on inside LAAS and how Grunfeld is responsible for allowing this unnecessary murder to continue.

All in all, it was a day on which the founding fathers of this country were sure to be rolling over in their graves. The Constitutional rights they fought so hard for and the Bill of Rights they scribed, which protects individuals rights to picket and seek redress of grievances, is apparently lost on some people who could care less about animals being killed and their murder paid for by tax money because of a corrupt city administration. It boggles the mind that certain individuals have hearts that are so full of stone, but it seems that those are the individuals who make up the Mayoral staff these days.

Activists felt very good about the day because they knew in their hearts that the animals would be so proud that they are continuing to take a stand on their behalf and not just sitting on the sidelines complaining about the animals fate inside LAAS.

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