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Meat is Murder Protest in KC

Be thankful that our growing numbers in the Animal Rights Movement are still relatively small….

By Jason Miller

On May 10, 2010, I participated in a protest sponsored by PETA, a group with which I’m not affiliated, despite my appreciation for some of their efforts on behalf of Animal Rights and for their ongoing public support of the efforts of militant underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front.

While I’d seen photos of similar PETA props (human “meat” wrapped in cellophane and resting in “meat” trays), that was my first time witnessing the spectacle in person. Aside from the obvious attention-grabbing shock value of two packages of human “meat” laying on the sidewalk in the affluent Country Club Plaza shopping district of Kansas City, this demonstration appealed to me because it employed tactile activism (a term coined by my ally, Anthony Botti), one of my favorite tactics. Injecting some reality into an abstraction can have quite an effect on the human psyche.

Given the depth of inculcation ensured by billions of dollars spent by myriad agricultural entities and individuals to dull our empathy and incarcerate our consciences, people who continue to murder nonhuman animals or remain complicit in their murder by eating their rotting flesh sometimes need to be psychologically sledge-hammered to jar them to their senses.

Yes, as the protest signs read, Meat is Murder. Like a vast majority of people, I was an accomplice to the mass murder of billions of animals for years. Given the group psychosis that encourages and endorses our sociopathy toward nonhuman animals, clearly forgiveness and amnesty are just for those who attain enlightenment and end their socioculturally-induced addiction to rotting animal flesh and reproductive secretions.

As for those humans who become aware that nonhuman animals are sentient beings, are subjects of a life, experience emotions, form complex social structures, and have a far greater cognitive capacity than humans can imagine, yet continue to insist upon murdering our nonhuman brethren, why not save billions of nonhuman animals each year by emptying the prison industrial complex of its non-violent drug offenders and replacing them with these incorrigible nonhuman animal murderers?

Once institutionalized, “meat murderers” would have access to water but no food. In order to survive and to satiate their blood lust and compulsion to consume rotting flesh, they would have to eat one another. Their incarceration would include a Temple Grandin-designed, state-of-the-art slaughtering and “meat” processing facility, replete with the “meat” trays and cellophane to show-case their now edible comrades. After all, familiarity breeds comfort and the grocery store presentation would probably help them overcome their aversion to cannibalism. Though in their case, it might not be necessary to even feign “civility.”

So how would we identify the incorrigible meat murderers? Quite simply. We would have each US citizen spend a day at a factory farm, viewing the various facets of “meat murder,” and we would then force them to watch the movie Earthlings. The people who refused to refrain from committing or abetting “meat murder” after those experiences would be sentenced to vegan re-education, as described above.

As for those who got eaten by their fellow inmates, well, that’s called Karma. Meat murderers who developed a taste for human flesh would become lifers. The ones who refused to eat and managed to avoid becoming meals would receive parole contingent on becoming and remaining vegan.

To the malignant, unapologetic “meat murderers” who whine incessantly that we vegans and vegetarians are attempting to “force our agenda” on society at large, our efforts pale in comparison to your indoctrination machine that practically forces meat, milk, and eggs down peoples’ throats. My satirical scenario above would be an example of us truly “pushing our values” on you.
So to Glenn Beck and all you media mouth-pieces who whore themselves to the Animal Industrial Complex, go fuck yourselves. And be thankful that our growing numbers in the Animal Rights Movement are still relatively small.

Jason Miller, the Senior Editor and Founder of TPC, is a tenacious vegan abolitionist and animal rights activist who lives in Kansas. He has a boundless passion for animal liberation and anti-capitalism. Addicted to reading and learning, he is mostly an autodidact, but he studied liberal arts and philosophy at the University of Missouri Kansas City. In early 2005, he founded the widely read radical blog, Thomas Paine’s Corner. Jason is an accomplished, prolific essayist and his writings on social and political issues have appeared on hundreds of alternative media websites over the last few years. He is a press officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, an editor for The Right to Have and Arm Bears and Canine Crusaders, and the founder of Bite Club of KC, a grassroots animal rights activist group which he started in Kansas City in 2009 and through which he and his allies give animal exploiters some serious hell. You can reach him at

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