From: David Hayden
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004


Fellow Activists,

Group updates are now due for the 'In the Trenches' section No Compromise magazine!  Your group's free listing in the next issue of No Compromise can help local activists hook up with your group and facilitate networking with activists and groups around the world.  Listings are free, but we do require that any groups submitting listings meet the following guidelines:

* Be grassroots animal liberation activist organizations
* Have abolitionist goals
* Support direct action and the Animal Liberation Front
* Do not publicly denounce other animal liberation groups
* Do not have known snitches as members

Take 15 minutes to write up and e-mail your group update to No Compromise today! Send the following information on your group to

*Phone Number
*Fax number
*E-mail Address
*Web Site Address
*Contact Person for the Group

Pictures, news clippings, and other items can also be mailed to NC at:

No Compromise
740A 14th Street #125
San Francisco, CA 94114

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