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Operation IX3 - Investor Insanity

OPERATION: IX3 (Institutional Investor Insanity)


On July 10, 2008, Win Animal Rights, launched Operation: IX3 (Institutional Investor Insanity) targeting those companies that were unknowingly profitting off of the blood and suffering of innocent animals by investing in Huntingdon Life Sciences (trading on the NYSE Arca exchange under ticker symbol LSR).

In our initial announcement, we forecast "massive headaches and losses" for investors and we were right! In the past 13 months, many of LSR's institutional investors were targeted by an aggressive campaign that included hundreds of street demonstrations at both offices and residences. We have watched as one after another of their investors dumped their shares and LSR's price plummeted. The final investor to drop was Morgan Stanley, which dumped over 675,000 shares at one time. A combination of events forced LSR to accept their only option for possible survival, an offer to take the company private by the notorious and despicable Andrew Baker.

Consequently, we are pleased to announce the successful closure of Operation: IX3 with a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Check out our final campaign report here:

This week we will be focusing on Huntingdon Life Sciences' Top Customers as we participate in a global week of action culminating in a protest on Sunday at the home of HLS CEO Andrew Baker. Details will be announced later today. Next week, we will be launching a new operation. Stay tuned for details and new web pages.

HLS/Baker Protest

Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009 @ 4:00 pm

Where: 279 Central Park West (W. 88th St.)

New York City

Coming events: Mark your calendars now!

August 24 - 30: HLS Top Customer Week of Action

September 14 - 20: Max Mara Anti-Fur Week of Action

September 24 - 27: Escada Anti-Fur Week of Action

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