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Eugene Mayor Declares Vegan Awareness Weekend

Hooray! Eugene Mayor, Kitty Piercy, has officially declared September 29 and 30 as Vegan Awareness Weekend in the City of Eugene Oregon.

Thank you, Mayor Piercy, for your consideration and fulfillment of our request for this special proclamation. We sincerely appreciate your support of EVEN's ongoing education and outreach efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of veganism!

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Hello, everyone! How exciting is this!?!

Although you most likely have ideas of your own, EVEN would like to propose some ways to celebrate Vegan Awareness Weekend at the end of this month. Go vegan! Whether for the weekend, the month, or for the rest of your life, just give it a try.

We can send you a Veg Starter Kit. We can send you recipes. And you can find more of the tools you need on 

For example, if you would like to cook vegan at home, you will find thousands of recipes on our site.

If you want a good cookbook, you will find some of the best on our Recommended Readings page. The library and the used book stores, as well as EVEN's library, have many healthful vegan cookbooks to offer, so don't think you have to buy new.

Or perhaps you'd like to eat a vegan meal or two out at a restaurant, you can find a list on our Eugene Restaurant page or you can open the attached pdf of Where to Eat Veg in Eugene. And when you go out, bring a friend! Keep in mind that so many restaurants nowadays offer vegan options, eating out is easier than ever before. Just ask.

Looking for inspiration? Motivation? EVEN's site has those, too. What about a picture being worth a thousand words? Make a stop on our Videos page for more.

Is all of this too much for you and you feel overwhelmed, but still want to give veganism a try? Email me and tell me what you need. I'll help in whatever way I can.

If you are already a seasoned vegan and not a newbie, how about cooking a vegan meal for some of your non-veg family and friends? Throw a party, a picnic, refer someone to EVEN's website, hold a potluck, help EVEN table. There are many ways to celebrate this special occasion so as the proclamation encourages "explore and educate" yourselves about this healthful and compassionate alternative. EVEN is here to help.

Thank you,


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