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Band of Mercy - Breakthrough on Pet City Campaign

December 20, 2010
Breakthrough on Pet City Campaign
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Torrance CA,

In light of recent events, a large breakthrough in the Southern California campaign to end the sale of puppy mill dogs at multiple Pet City locations has occurred. Activists have held demonstrations and carried out public outreach in front of the Torrance location as the first step in a larger chain store campaign. It had been noted that while selling mostly puppy mill dogs including some from the "Dirty Dozen" list that was revealed recently by HSUS the store did retain 5% or less rescues for sale as well. Some campaigners were notified that the first store targeted by activists has caved under pressure and has already and is willing to negotiate. Pet City took it upon themselves to actively seek out a pledge that they will no longer sell puppies after 90 days.

Activist Lisa Goetz stated, "They have 90 days and they said all their stores will stop selling dogs. And we will hold them to it."

The Torrance store has signed on publicly and activists are waiting to hear from the 2 other locations who have rumored that they will be following suit.

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