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Two Activists Assaulted at PA Pigeon Shoot

Two Activists Assaulted at PA Pigeon Shoot
One Given a Bloody Head Wound

NEWS RELEASE April 18, 2011

Bill to Ban Shoots to be Heard in PA Senate on April 26

Yesterday, Sunday April 18, SHARK documented a pigeon shoot at the infamous Wing Pointe canned hunting resort in Berks County. SHARK activist Janet Enoch, who was in sitting in her legally parked minivan outside the club on public property, was assaulted by one man leaving the club who repeatedly slapped her and her camera. When he finally stopped, he called her a "F--king rotten bitch," and then left. Her assailant had NJ license plates.

Watch the assault against Janet Enoch

"What the Senators of Pennsylvania need to know is that, beyond the utterly cruel violence inflicted upon animals, is that there is also a real disdain for women at these shoots," states SHARK President Steve Hindi. "That a man would readily go up to a woman in a car and start slapping her around is the disgraceful act of a coward."

This incident is reminiscent of another pigeon shooter from NJ, Richard Shackleton, who cursed out a PA female activist when he said "go f--k yourself you rotten c--t," as she was legally videotaping on public property.

"Those senators working for the NRA to protect pigeon shoots need to know that these are the type of twisted bully cowards they are protecting," states Hindi. "And we are going to make sure the public knows it too."

A short time after the Enoch assault, SHARK President Steve Hindi, who was legally videotaping the shoot from the public property bordering the club was assaulted when a man wielding a dog leash whipped him in the head, striking him with the metal clip, causing a bloody injury.

SHARK strongly encourages the legislators of Pennsylvania to support SB626 to ban pigeon shoots and finally end this long nightmare of cruelty to animals and violence to humans.

Watch the Shackelton video here.

Click here for video of pigeons SHARK has rescued.

Picture of Steve Hindi soon after being assaulted

PA Senate Bill SB626, which would ban pigeon shoots, is coming up for a vote in the full Senate on April 26 (next Tuesday).

Please contact your Pennsylvania State Senator and politely and respectfully ask that they vote "yes" on SB 6262!
Click here for a list of all Pennsylvania Senators

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