California's passage last November of the ballot initiative on farm animal housing has opened the door for animal rights activists to begin promoting veganism as the lifestyle for California consumers, according to a coalition of activist groups that was announced today.

The coalition said it was establishing the "Operation Prop 2 Follow-Through Campaign," with an intention "to promote a vegan diet in California." The ballot initiative was listed as Proposition 2, or "Prop 2," on the ballot in California elections in November.

The coalition, led by the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), said it wanted to take advantage of the extent to which Prop 2 made people aware "of factory farm atrocities" and take that awareness to what would be the next level to provide animals complete protection from those atrocities by urging Californians to become vegans, which means not only not consuming beverages or food produced from animals but also not wearing anything produced from animals, such as leather or wool.

The coalition's list of atrocities is lengthy. View the complete announcement.


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