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Two Animal Research Billboards Modified

From Voice of the Voiceless

Two animal research billboards spray-painted to give the other side of the research debate

Two billboards from the pro-animal research group Foundation for Biomedical Research were improved in recent weeks. The location of the first was not reported. The second was in Portland, Oregon, and was altered to promote the new anti-vivisection website

The photos say it all:
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Third pro-animal research billboard spray-painted

An anonymous commenter on the previous article alerted me to this: a third pro-animal research billboard has been targeted, this one in Seattle.

The website Puget Sound Anarchists posted this about the alteration (it is unclear of this is a communique from the person or persons responsible):

The Rat/Her billboard near the University Bridge was attacked last Thursday. An answer to the question 'Who would you rather see live?' was written to read, 'Both, actually.'

The URL,, was also added due to the proximity of the sign near the UW campus. The person responsible for this attack is in no way affiliated with This attack was done against the lies that data from experimentation on animals can be extrapolated to humans. Many tax and tuition dollars are being wasted to torture animals at the University Of Washington.

Yesterday I (belatedly) reported on two Foundation for Biomedical Research billboards (one in Portland, the other unreported) which had been spray-painted to challenge the message that animal research comes down to 'either a rat dies or your child dies'.

Undoubtedly, the FBR has come to regret their billboard PR campaign. Overnight artists have turned it against them, and into free advertising for the animals.

Reportedly the Seattle billboard has since been taken down.

Check yesterday's post for the first two billboards, and see the Seattle billboard below.

- Peter Young

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