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Sankaty Advisors Dump Their Shares in Fortress

15th October 2010

The fourth largest shareholder of HLS funder, Fortress Investment Group have announced their de-investment with them. The campaign received a letter today from Sankaty's solicitors, which was handed to London activists on a demo outside their offices:

"To whom it may concern:

We represent Sankaty Advisors and have been authorised to confirm that neither Sankaty Advisors, nor any of the funds that it manages, has a position in Fortress Investment Group or Huntingdon Life Sciences. Sankaty expects to report this fact publicly in the December 31, 2010 Form 13F that it files with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.


John Lutz" (for Sankaty Advisors)

FORTRESS - Hundreds of companies have vowed to stop dealing with HLS over the years and yours is just another barrier in the way between the cruelty you fund and HLS end. We will continue to protest at all and any company that supports you, or HLS, your conferences and any business or dealings that makes your unfeeling corporate life bearable. Because while you continue to make the lives of the animals hell inside HLS with your funding of the cruel, torturous company, we will do our best to return that evil, morally corrupt act back to you in the most unexpected ways, until all are free and while you continue to be part of the killing machine at HLS we will not back down!!

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