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From Jason Miller: Informative essays/articles, a couple of which call upon you to take some form of action.

Please read them, take the requested action, cross publish them on your sites/blogs, link to them on your social networking sites, and/or forward this email widely.

1. Pennsylvania's Shame - Live Pigeon Shoots

Killing Contests: Cruel and Cowardly in Pennsylvania Pigeon shoots are competitions wherein hundreds to thousands of live birds are shot at to win prizes. A typical 3-day shoot contest can kill and injure up to 15,000 birds. The pigeons are captured and collected for weeks ahead of time, then released from trap boxes only yards away from the so-called 'sportsmen'. The birds are generally dazed and suffering from'.

2. Equal Representation For Non-hunters in Wisconsin (and eventually in each state)

Hunters and those who advance lethal wildlife management agendas represent a tiny minority of the population in the US, yet due to archaic laws, inane 'traditions,' and powerful lobbying machines (like the NRA), they have a virtual stranglehold on determining the fate of our feral friends. And 99% of the time, their answer is kill, kill, kill. It's time for animal lovers to have a voice in our government! Please sign this petition.

3. Anthony Marr's 36-states-in-6-months
7th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition CARE-7

4. Throwing our energy at impossible dreams - By P. F. Henshaw

The physical world is different though. We now have a whole planet of leaders who believe we only need to physically grow our economies ever faster to burst out of the limits of an entire planet! They truly act as if wishing we had the limitless resources and freedoms of the past would surely cause them to reappear. That's the worst kind of fundamentalist delusion, a most extreme sort of misguided sophistry.

5. The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions
By Stop the Blob

Our climate is not negotiating. It is not interested in what we are going to do in 2050, even with good intentions and 'low carbon development technologies'. The climate is not bargaining and it cannot be paid off or subsidized. Climate change is happening and it is going to get worse. We cannot even fathom the magnitude of climatic disasters.

6. On A Parent's Death And Minding Your Tongue In The U.S.A.
By Emily Spence

In fact, any individuals or groups at all could have a serious problem if they somehow managed to upset members of particular federal or State agencies tasked with maintaining the social structure going forward exactly as planned. No one is to disrupt that process and certainly not peace advocates or picayune troublemakers pointing out an inflammatory report discussing the United States' agenda by a despised rebel named Fidel Castro.

7. Reflections by comrade Fidel: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH
By Fidel Castro

The news from the Danish capital gives a picture of chaos. After planning a conference with about 40 thousand people in attendance, the hosts find it impossible to honor their promise. Evo, the first of the two presidents of ALBA-member countries to arrive, stated some truths derived from the millennium-old culture of his people. According to press agencies he said that he had received a mandate from the Bolivian people to oppose any agreement that does not meet the expectations. He explained that climate change is not the cause but the effect, and that we all have an obligation to defend the rights of Mother Earth vis-'-vis a capitalist development model; to defend the culture of life vis-'-vis the culture of death. He also addressed the climate debt that the rich countries should pay to the poor countries and the return of the atmospheric space taken from the latter.

8. Magical Abolitionism: Francione Admits Defeat and Irrelevance As He Degenerates into Self-Parody
By Steve Best

Francione commits basic category mistakes, confusing his truncated veganism that is inalienably individual and apolitical with a bona fide resistance movement that is social and political. His definitions of 'social' and 'political' are as wide, elastic, and strategically self-serving as the corporate-state's mobilization of a 'war on terror' to mask the real war on democracy and dissent. But it's worse than this, because rather than ignoring a social and political discourse and approach, he is trying to co-opt it. 

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