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Landmark Investigation: The Blueprint

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Landmark Investigation Announced: “The Blueprint”
Dec 19th, 2009 by Peter Young

Announcing the release of the largest update of fur farm addresses in nearly 15 years.

After five months of research and investigation, I am announcing the release of a landmark document: The Blueprint - the largest update of fur farm addresses in nearly 15 years.

The Blueprint: Fur Farm Intelligence Project Report is the product of my two-month, 13,000-mile investigation of over 75% of the fur farms in the country. It represents the largest-ever collection of fur industry intelligence to date.

The Blueprint is a 62-page supplement to the 10,000-word narrative on my eight-state Fur Farm Intelligence Project investigation, featured in Bite Back Magazine #15.

Included in the 62-page document:

*Massively updated state-by-state fur farm address list
*Photos of nearly 100 mink, fox, and lynx farms.
*Anonymous reports and photos from clandestine visits to fur farms and industry research sites.
*Massively updated closed farm database.
*Detailed data and status updates on over 200 fur farms.
*Dozens of newly discovered, unpublished fur farm addresses.

The Blueprint: Fur Farm Intelligence Project Report was compiled with the intent of mapping the entire supply-side and infrastructure grid of the industry: from auction houses to feed suppliers, fox farms to research facilities.

The Blueprint contains new addresses and updated data on:

*Fox farms
*Mink farms
*Lynx farms
*Fur industry research farms
*Fur feed suppliers

And much more.

20 years of collected fur farm data has culminated in this document.

The Blueprint can be downloaded here (32.47 mb file - allow up to several minutes to open): the_blueprint.pdf

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