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WHEN Fiona Sylva goes out to dinner she often finds herself as the topic of conversation.

This is because for more than two decades she hasn't eaten meat or fish and for the last 18 months she's forsaken animal products altogether.

But make no mistake. This is one lady who wants to defy all conventions and shatter all stereotypes.

"I don't wear dyed wool and I'm not wearing sandals at the moment," she says.

"And even though there are those who think all vegans conform to that stereotype – I really don't think they do.

"There are those who automatically assume there is just one type of vegan but there are a variety of people who choose this lifestyle.

"You can find 'junk food' vegans who stick to totally fried foods, those who like most of their food raw, as they believe cooking kills the enzymes that make food nutritious.


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