JUNE 2004

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Saturday 5th : Animal Awareness Day

Bedford Square, Exeter City Centre. All day event with stalls including Viva, Animal Aid, LACS, etc.) in the square, plus animal rights talks including Geoff Thomas and Mark Gold in nearby hall.

Exeter Friends For Animals
Sharon Howe, Tel./fax 01395 579353
Email: su1842@eclipse.co.uk

Saturday 5th : : Greyhound Derby Day of Action


On the day of the William Hill Greyhound Derby Final, 100,000's is placed in bets on the dogs. A percentage of this money goes to support greyhound racing.

GA supporters will be picketting betting shops (especially William Hill) in order to educate punters about the real cost of their bets ... thousands of abandoned and murdered greyhounds ... and to persuade them that if they must gamble, to bet on activities (like football, cricket etc.) that don't involve animals.

Please let us know if you'd like to hold a betting shop picket in your town, we can supply free leaflets and posters .

Greyhound Action
PO Box 127, Kidderminster, DY10 3UZ
Tel: 01562 745778 . Fax: 0870 138 3993
E-mail: greyhoundaction@blueyonder.co.uk
Website: http://www.greyhoundaction.co.uk/

Saturday 5th : National Primate Action Cancelled

Cambridge University Primate Labs Abandoned.
For details of the campaign to stop the primate laboratory at Oxford University see http://www.speakcampaigns.org.uk/

5th - 12th : 11th Vegan Summer Gathering

To be held near Swansea, Wales, close to the beautiful Mumbles and Gower coastal areas. Note change of date.

For full details send sae to
Vegan Summer Gathering
c/o Malcolm Horne, Brynderwen, Crymlyn Road, Llansamlet, Swansea. SA7 9XT
Ph: 01792 792442
E-mail: vegancom@btinternet.com
Website: www.veganviews.org.uk/vsg

Sunday 13th : Animal Aid Sponsored Walk

From noon at Hampstead Heath, London [map]

Food by Veggies

Animal Aid
The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AW
Phone Karin on: 01732 364546 ext 23 . fax: 01732 366533
Email: mailto:karin@animalaid.co.uk
Website: http://www.animalaid.org.uk/

12th - 20th : National Anti-Angling Week

Offers of organisational help needed:

Campaign for Abolition of Angling, BM Fish, London, WC1N 3XX
Ph: 0870 458 4176
Email: anti_angling@hotmail.com

Saturday 19th : GlaxoSmithKline - National Demo

Demonstration and leafletting at GlaxoSmithKline. Molly`s Day, the anniversary in memory of Molly the beagle dog who was bred to exhaustion at GSK - Ware, and then sold to a London University Hospital to be tortured until she died. Also in memory of all other laboratory animals.
Meet 12noon at GlaxoSmithKline, (Research) Park Road, Ware [map] and leaflet Ware Town Centre.

Stevenage Animal Rights
Ph: 01438 220480

Saturday 19th : McLibel: Anniversary of 1997 High Court Victory!


The High Court ruled that McDonald's marketing has "pretended to a positive nutritional benefit which their food did not match"; that they "exploit children"; are "culpably responsible for animal cruelty" and "pay low wages". The Appeal court added that it was fair comment that their employees worldwide "do badly in terms of pay and conditions", and true that "if one eats enough McDonald's food" this may well lead to "the very real risk of heart disease."


Click here to download and print fliers
Leaflets available from Veggies : details here.

Adopt-A-Store Network
c/o Veggies, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX
Ph: 0845 458 9595
Email: mclibel@veggies.org.uk


McLibel Support Campaign, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1
Ph: 020 7713 1269
Email: mclibel@globalnet.co.uk
Website: http://www.mcspotlight.org/

Saturday 19th : : National Badger Day

Each year the National Federation of Badger Groups (NFBG) helps thousands of badgers in Britain. You can help badgers too, by organising or taking part in an event to raise funds for or awareness of the NFBG on or around National Badger Day.

Badger Groups all over Britain support Badger Day by organising events. If you have a Badger Group in your area, you may be able to join in with their activities. If you do not have a group near to you, or if you would like to do something through your club, workplace or school - or even by yourself - why not organise your own event?!

National Federation of Badger Groups
(new address) 2b Inworth Street, LONDON, SW11 3EP
Ph: 020 7228 6444 . fax: 020 7228 6555
Email: elaine.king@nfbg.org.uk
Website: http://www.nfbg.org.uk/


Sunday 20th : : Meat Is Murder Bike Ride

Join 'Nuts and Two Veg' with their fleet of 10 ex-butcher bikes, on the London to Brighton Bike Ride. Ride the ride or hand out leaflets and be at the finish to give a hero's welcome.

Contact Vernon on 01282 697931
Email: alllovandlib@onetel.net.uk

JULY 2004

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World Week for Captive Dolphins

Incorporating Sunday 4th : International Day for Captive Dolphins

Cetacea Defence, Captive Animals Protection Society and Ecoterra.

Cetacea Defence, PO Box 78, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8ST

Sat 3rd - Wed 7th : Join the Human Race

Join us in Pamplona, Spain this July to make the Running of the Bulls - a cruel spectacle in which terrified animals are sent racing through the streets before being slaughtered in bullrings - a tradition of the past by helping us maintain a new tradition: the Human Race!
PETA have booked two coaches to travel from London to Pamplona for the Human Race, and we'd like you to be on one of them.
We only have 100 available spaces on the coaches, so sign up now! Please contact Sean Gifford, the event coordinator, if you'd like to reserve a place. When contacting Sean, please provide your e-mail address, postal address and phone number.

More details here

Sean: 020 7357 9229 ext 226
Email: mailto:SeanG@petauk.org
Website: http://www.runningofthenudes.com/

Saturday 3rd : McLibel Trial Anniversary

Celebrate the 10 years of campaign successes, following the start of the McLibel Trial on 28th June 1994.
Read the story of the trial at http://www.mcspotlight.org/case/trial/story.html
Adopt-YOUR-Store! Click here to download and print fliers
Leaflets also available from Veggies : details here.

Sunday 4th : London Vegan Festival

Note - now in July. Formerly Known as the 8th National Vegan Festival, with the best vegan food and drink around, campaigning groups, speakers and music, and more besides!
Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 (Underground : Circle / District line to High Street Kensington). Opens at 10am - 7pm.
Over 50 stallholders, speakers, vegan food & drink, music and more 1 entrance (under 16 free)
The Festival is sponsored by the Vegan Society and Food by Veggies and organised by CALF.

National Vegan Festival, c/o CALF, BM 8889, London WC1N 3XX
Contact Alison & Robin: 020 8670 9585
Email: CALF@alrob.freeserve.co.uk
Website: http://www.veganfestival.freeserve.co.uk/
Also : http://www.londonveganfestival.org.uk/

Mon 5th - Sun 11th : : National Cruelty-Free Week

BUAV are looking for active supporters or local groups to hold street collections, or take part in sponsored challenge such as a parachute jump and/or white water rafting. They can supply all the information you'll need including stickers, leaflets, posters and collecting tins as well as helping to publicise your event with press.

Sunday 11th : Freshfields Animal Rescue

Sanctuary open day 11am-4pm. Fun dog show, Kids stuff, Food.

Freshfields Animal Rescue, East Lodge Farm, East Lane, Ince Blundell, Liverpool.
Ph: 0151 931 1604
Email: info@freshfieldsrescue.org.uk
Website: http://www.freshfieldsrescue.org.uk/

Saturday 17th : : Uncaged Campaigns' Annual London Wide Street Collection

Uncaged Campaigns has soul official permission to conduct street collections in any London borough in daylight hours.
Please 'shake a tin' or have a collection in conjunction with an information stall in order to raise much-needed campaign funds for Uncaged Campaigns. This also provides an excellent opportunity to disseminate important information to the public about the horrors and futility of vivisection.

Please contact Max for more information:
Uncaged Campaigns: 0114 272 2220
Address: 9 Bailey Lane, Sheffield, S1 4EG
Email: info@uncaged.co.uk
Website: http://www.uncaged.co.uk/

Sun 25th : Greyhound Remembrance Day

Greyhound racing in the UK began on July 24th, 1926 at Belle Vue, Manchester.

On the nearest Sunday to this date every year Greyhound Action will be staging an event called Greyhound Remembrance Day, in memory of the hundreds of thousands of dogs that have been abused and killed by the greyhound racing industry since that day. The event will involve the laying of flowers outside greyhound stadiums and it is hoped that some of the people taking part will take their rescued greyhounds along, to provide a good photo opportunity to the local media and help to spread awareness to the general public of the need to boycott greyhound racing (as well as encouraging the adoption of ex-racing greyhounds).

The aim is to cover as many tracks as possible, so please let Greyhound Action know as soon as possible if you'd like to organise, or be involved in, a Greyhound Remembrance Day event in your local area. Greyhound Action can provide comprehensive advice with regard to contacting the media and will be producing special posters for use on the day.

In 2003 events took place outside the following tracks:


    Belle Vue (Manchester),

    Brighton & Hove,

    Dewsbury (site of proposed track),

    Great Yarmouth,

    Hall Green (Birmingham),

    Newton Abbot,




    Shawfield (Glasgow),


    Walthamstow (London)

    Wimbledon (London).

Please contact Greyhound Action asap if you're interested in taking part this year.

Greyhound Action, PO Box 127, Kidderminster, DY10 3UZ
Tel: 01562 745778 . Fax: 0870 138 3993
E-mail: greyhoundaction@blueyonder.co.uk
Website: http://www.greyhoundaction.co.uk/

Sunday 25th : Vegan Magazine deadline

Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-On-Sea TN37 7AA
Ph: 0845 458 8244 . Fax: 01424 717064
E-mail: info@vegansociety.com
Website: http://www.vegansociety.com/

Saturday 31st : : Hunt Saboteurs Association

40th Anniversary Celebrations and AGM.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association, the only organisation dedicated to saving the lives of hunted animals HERE and NOW, will hold its AGM on 31st July from 1.30pm at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL . [map]

The AGM formalities will be followed from 6pm by 'a bit of a do', to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the HSA, involving tunes from the past four decades and punk karoake... Please come and help us celebrate, meet up with old friends, and start looking forward to the next season...! Food by Veggies

Hunt Saboteurs Association
Ph: 0845 450 0727
Email: info@huntsabs.org.uk
Website: http://www.huntsabs.org.uk/


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1st - 31st : Vegetarian and Vegan Dolphin Camp

The second, month long camp in Wales, giving animal campaigners the precious chance to see wild dolphins. Come for a day, come for a month, amongst like minded souls !

Cetacea Defence, P O Box 78, Shafesbury, Dorset, SP7 8ST

Sat 7th to Sat 21st : Vegan Camp

A camp for vegans, or those willing to be vegan for 2 weeks, or for a day or two, at the Forget-me-not Caravan Park Longhorsley, Morpeth, Northumberland NE65 8QY. [map]

Persons of all ages welcome, incl. singles, couples & families, any period from a day to 2 weeks - usually 60 to 110 people attend. Most people stay on-site, self-catering (incl. communal meals), but some stay in nearby hotels & guesthouses. Many entertainments, e.g. wild food workshops, rock climbing, singing. Possibly occasional food by Veggies

Vegan Camp
c/o 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX
Ph: 0845 330 3918 or 07980 521271 from 6pm to 9pm.
Email: vegancamp@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.veggies.org.uk/vegancamp/index.htm

Thurs 12th : The Gory Twelth

Start of the grouse shoot sabbing season. Contact NorthWest HSA, your local Hunt Sabs or Hunt Saboteurs Association: 0845 450 0727

Mon 30th : Zoo Awareness Day

Click for details


Bank holiday campaigns and actions to highlight animal suffering in zoos. Protest outside your nearest zoo, hold information stalls, etc.

Contact CAPS for more information or for campaign materials:

Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 573, Preston, PR1 9WW
Ph: 0845 330 3911
E-mail: info@captiveanimals.org
Website: http://www.captiveanimals.org/zoos/nzad.htm


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Sunday 13th : Quest Cancer Research - Sponsored Dog Walk

A mass dog walk in Hyde Park to raise money for Quest Cancer Research - a research charity opposed to animal testing. The event has a dual aim of raising much needed funds for humane research, while demonstrating to the public that medical research does not require the abuse of animals.

Full details are available from: Humane Research Dog Walk, Flat 314, 456-458 Strand, London, WC2R 0DZ

Sat 27th : International Rabbit Day

An event for rescue centres, fosterers, charitable groups etc - not for traders.

The Rabbit Charity
PO Box 414, 405 Kings Road, London SW10 0BB (new address)
Phone: 020 8888 0001