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Anti-Fur Protest Slogans/Chants

Dog and cat, mink and rabbit. Their fur is theirs and not for jackets.

Vanity thy name is fur hag.

Hey, hey! Ho, Ho. The Chinese fur trade has got to go.

Don't give us no jive. We know you're skinning them alive.

No more lies. No more pain. Chinese fur trade is fooling you again.

What do we want? No fur. When do want it? Now!

Give us truth and stop the abuse!

Year of the dog, my eye. How many more animals have to die?

No blood for vanity.

When innocent animals are under attack, what do we do? Act up, fight back!

Stop the war on animals.

Animals lives, not fur trade lies.

Animals needs, not fur trade greed.

Chinese fur trade full of greed. We won't tolerate your bloody deeds.

Animals lives are their right and we have just begun to fight.

Animal activists unite as one. We won't stop fighting until the war is won.

Animal activists in the street. We will not accept defeat.

Give up fur for lent!

1,2,3,4. We don't want your animal war.

Chinese fur trade bloody and crude we don't like your attitude

Cats and dogs die for your vanity; stop the Chinese fur insanity.