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Hi Randy, Michael, and the rest of those responsible for making the worst decision in the history of Johnson County:

Lloyd Fox, how'd you enjoy your call from Germany today? Freedom told me that your voice cracked a little when she spoke of your men wiping out over 300 deer in Shawnee Mission Park. Maybe there's hope for you after all, despite your intellectually dishonest and feeble characterization of Marr's plan as involving "trapping."

Enshrouded in the veil of secrecy as it is (which I realize it must be to squelch the public outcry that would occur if people could actually witness ‘Dr. Mengele' DeNicola--or his trainees--in action), the deer massacre could be taking place as I type this email. But let's engage in a pleasant fiction and pretend for a moment that you are forthright people. Given that context, that would mean that the "sharp-shooting" won't begin until 10/9. Meanwhile, I just wanted to send you a friendly reminder that my allies and I are going to continue our relentless efforts until you agree not to kill the deer. Even if you start the slaughter, we're going to continue giving you hell in (legal) ways that you can't even begin to imagine.

OK, enough small talk.

I received word today of your latest efforts to intimidate me into quitting. It seems you sent Special Agent Michael Spee of the KC Division of the FBI to my X-wife's home today to nose about. I'm not intimidated. Nor was I intimidated when you sent Special Agent Trisha DeWet and Special Deputy US Marshal Bruce Houston of the Kansas City Division of the FBI to visit me at my place of employment in August. It was a nice touch having them at your August board meeting too. Don't you people get it? My allies and I aren't going away.

By the way, we've got grave concerns about public safety once the sharp-shooting begins. Your park police, whom you've indicated will do the shooting and patrol the park to see to it that no one is killed or injured during the massacre, were utterly negligent in performing fundamental duties during our protest on 10/4. As the video at the link I've generously provided below clearly shows, a motorist clipped Susan Bennett, one of our protestors. Your officers failed to a) stop the driver of the vehicle that hit Susan and b) approach Susan to see if she was injured and offer her medical attention.

Here's the video:

Susan WAS injured. When she advised her insurance agent and a KCMO police detective that your officers did nothing in response to this incident they were both infuriated.

Susan called the JCPRD park police office yesterday (10/6) and the officer told her that it was her fault that she got clipped. She got a very different opinion from the KCMO police department and Progressive insurance. And they both watched the video at the link above before stating that your officers were seriously negligent.

So let me see if I understand. In Shawnee Mission Park, it's legal for a motorist to run into a frail older woman if she's "in his way" and standing up for what she believes in, right? And the police who have jurisdiction over your park have no responsibility to see whether or not said woman needs medical attention, correct? What kind of park are you running? Oh, now I remember. Death Park. Your men were merely living up to the new name of Shawnee Mission Park.

And Johnson County taxpayers are to feel safe knowing that your police squadron is slaughtering the deer with high-caliber rifles AND "ensuring" that no citizens or companion animals are maimed or killed in the process?

After the incident on Sunday, that's a tough one to swallow, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not feeling a sense of security as I imagine the impending shoot-fest.

Also, as a close friend of Susan's and a taxpayer in Johnson County, I'm now feeling a sense of outrage about more than just the deer slaughter.

Looks like you've got a bushel basketful of problems as you prepare to annihilate hundreds of innocent, defenseless, sentient beings rather than managing their population with Anthony Marr's nonlethal plan, a plan which we've offered to help implement by providing any necessary time, money, labor, or expertise. How odd (and malevolent given your underlying political and social agenda) that you stubbornly insist on turning a family park into a slaughterhouse and Shawnee Mission Park into Death Park.


Jason Miller

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