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Duck shooting is a very cruel activity that should not be allowed as a sport.
Each year during the autumn, duck season is declared. That means that people can go to the wetlands and shoot down the ducks as they fly overhead. At the same time, duck rescuers go out to the wetlands and pick up all the injured ducks. As well as the ducks, they also rescue other birds such as swans and some endangered species that have been shot by the duck hunters. 
Computer tests have found that most shooters are not very accurate, and instead of killing the bird in one shot, they often injure them by shooting the wing, leg or beak. This is even worse for the ducks as it means they die slowly and painfully instead of quickly. 
Shooters also use bullets made of leadshot and this is very bad for the environment. The ground can become poisoned by all the lead after duck season has finished. Birds and other small animals eat the poison and get very sick and die.  
Luckily, leadshot is no longer allowed in most states of Australia.