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Lot’s of people go fishing to relax and enjoy themselves. They believe that fish are “cold-blooded” animals and therefore do not feel pain, but that’s not true.
Fish have a nervous system, the same as other animals, which are the parts of the body that send messages to the brain telling the fish that something is hurting and it’s life is in danger. 

Most people fish with a fishing rod, which means that a hook, hidden inside some bait on the end of a long fishing line, is cast into the water. The fish eats the bait, thinking it has found some food, and the hook catches inside it’s mouth and pulls him out of the water. 
As well as the terrible pain that the hook causes ripping into the fishes mouth, he also suffocates as he is pulled out of the water. 
Even many people who do care about animals are not compassionate about fish. Maybe it’s because they are not cute and furry like kittens or dogs and they live underwater, where many people don’t see them. But they are still living animals that deserve to be treated with respect and should not be hurt. 

As well as fishing for sport, many fish are also killed by professional fishermen who catch them for food in restaurants and shops. 

Crustaceans are another form of sea life that are caught for restaurants. They include crabs, lobsters and yabbies. Many of them live in tiny tanks in restaurants, waiting for people to order them for a meal. Some are even put into a boiling pot of water and boiled to death. 

What Can you do? 1.  You can refuse to eat fish and choose vegetarian meals instead. 
2. If someone invites you to go fishing, say you'd love to go out bush and look at the fish, but you don't want to kill or harm the animals.
This is one of the most common fishing methods in the world. A trawl is a big, heavy net that is pulled along the sea bed by heavy boats. The nets pull up all types of fish and other sea life from the bottom of the ocean and many of them suffocate under all the weight. The fish and other creatures that are not needed are thrown back into the water but they usually die soon after anyway. 
This is a new method of fishing where sharks are caught just for their fins. The fins are sliced off to make shark fin soup for Chinese restaurants, and the sharks are thrown back into the water still alive. They die soon after because they are unable to swim or survive without their fins. 
Long Line Fishing 
Thousands of baited hooks are attached to long fishing lines stretching along behind a boat. It is used over rocky areas where nets cannot be used as they would be torn. This method also kills many sea birds as they try to feed off the fish and then become tangled in the lines. 
Drift Netting 
This is one of the worst methods of fishing in the world. A very large, strong, nylon net forms a wall in the water, sometimes covering areas as big as 30 kilometres. The net is almost invisible in the water and fish and other creatures swim into it and get caught. It is used mostly to catch tuna, but lots of other sea life also get caught, including millions of dolphins, small whales, seals and sharks. Another danger is that the nets sometimes break free during storms and drift around killing more sea animals.