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Animals have a heart and a mind just like people do.  They are capable of feeling love and pain, happiness and sorrow. 

Because they are not able to speak to us and tell us how they feel many people forget that they are capable of having these feelings. That is why they are often hurt or neglected. 

When you see an animal in a bad situation, stop and think about how YOU would feel if you were in his or her place.  Imagine what it would be like to be a battery hen locked in a tiny cage for every single day of your life.  Or imagine being a fish being dragged through the water by a metal hook pierced through your mouth. 

Many people earn money from using animals, such as the hen farmer who sells eggs from his battery hens, or the circus owner who sells tickets to people to see animals performing tricks.  Sometimes these people put so much importance on making money that the welfare of their animals takes second place. 

Because animals cannot defend themselves or even ask for our help, it is important that people like Compassionate Kidz speak out on their behalf.