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Our wildlife suffers in many ways as a result of us interfering with their lives.
Some get caught in leg hold traps that land owners put down to catch rabbits or foxes. While these traps are a cruel and painful way of capturing the rabbits and foxes, they also trap dingoes, wallabies and birds who touch them. 
Many animals such as kangaroos and wombats are killed on the roads each year. There are special gadgets that can be fitted onto cars to frighten animals off the road, therefore avoiding hitting them. If however, an animal is hit on the road, the driver should always check the animals pouch in case a baby is inside. 
Domestic cats are natural hunters and can kill many birds and small animals. You can help to protect wildlife from cats by attaching a small bell to your cat’s collar and by keeping him or her inside the house at night. Night time is when most cats hunt. 
If you enjoy wildlife, there are many ways you can observe them and appreciate them in their natural environment. 
You could: 
1. Plant native trees in your garden to attract wild birds. 
2. Erect a bird bath in the garden - away from any trees so that cats can’t stalk them 
3. Create a pond where frogs and other small animals can visit. 
It’s always better to see wildlife in their natural environment rather than in a cage.