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International press release

The world's first Party for the Animals starts a 'Worldlog' in 9 languages *Party leader Marianne Thieme reports on animal politics in the Dutch parliament weekly*

17th March 2008 -- Marianne Thieme, leader of the Dutch Party for the  Animals (the first animal party in the world to be represented in a national parliament), will today launch a 'worldlog' with the help of a team of 24 translators. Her goal is to inform kindred spirits across the globe about her work both within and outside of the Dutch parliament.

The Worldlog will appear every week, first in Dutch, German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish; other languages will soon follow. The Worldlog is part of the Party for the Animals' new international website. The website and the Worldlog have been set up in response to increasing foreign interest in the Party.

In the Worldlog, Marianne Thieme will report on the pioneering work of the Party for the Animals. Nowhere else in the world is there a political party in parliament, which does not primarily represent human interests. In the meantime, Parties for the Animals have been set up or are in the process of establishing themselves in numerous other countries. In the Worldlog, Marianne Thieme will share her experiences with other proponents of animal rights. She also wants to inspire others to develop similar political activities and thereby ensure that we literally do justice to animals.

The Dutch Party for the Animals was established in 2002 and now has 2 seats in the House of Representatives, 1 seat in the Senate and 9 seats in the Provincial States parliament. The Party for the Animals is currently the fastest growing political party in the Netherlands. In addition, the Party now also has its own youth organisation and a scientific bureau. The latter recently produced Meat the Truth, a documentary on climate change. On the basis of scientific reports, this film demonstrates the livestock industry worldwide is responsible for the emission of more greenhouse gasses than all the cars, lorries, trains, ships and planes added together. The documentary will be screened this summer in, among other places, Brussels, London, Dresden, New York, Madrid, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Singapore and can shortly be seen in Dutch cinemas.

The nine language Worldlog will appear every Monday around 3 pm (15.00 CET) on the website

More information: + 31 6 12 66 71 07

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