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US Congress Bans Creation and Sale of "Crush Videos"

WASHINGTON - The US Senate on Friday unanimously passed legislation to
ban the creation, sale and distribution of so-called "crush videos" -- sexual fetish films in which small animals are maimed or killed.

The measure, which calls for fines and prison terms of up to five years, now goes to President Barack Obama to sign into law.

The legislation defines crush videos as video portrayals of "actual conduct in which one or more living animal is intentionally crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, or impaled in a manner that would violate a criminal prohibition on cruelty to animals."

full story: ALeqM5jA2TeZXeDTp7cCKbuWYO5X3v9OGA?docId=CNG.df2a4d2f00f0c5f1a1eb1fddae867df7.8d1

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