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Political Captions 2008

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Sarah Palin - September 2008

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Cheney's office tried to alter greenhouse gas testimony, former official says

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Dennis Kucinich on Animal Rights
           Dennis Kucinich for 2008 U.S. President
           Help Kucinich

How did your U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators vote on animal issues? The Humane Scorecard for the 109th Congress is now available!

The republic is dead, long live King George!

A New Generation: Strangers in a Strange Land

Animals Party at Parliament - Dec 2006.    video: Parliamentary Party

Political Party for the Animals - Nov. 2006. Netherlands. 2 Seats won!

Labor vows animal cruelty crackdown - Australia
YouTube Videos on the Iraq War - October 2006
Bush Wacked - October 2006
Untied States Politics - folly
Hawai`i Has Vegan Running for State House
Federal Judges Fed Up with George Bush - October 2006
George W. Bush's Animal Abuse
Bush using 9/11 to strip US of rights - October 2006
Voting Issues -- Humane USA claims primary election defeat of California bear hounder Rico Oller.
Green Party -- Rating of US politicians on animal rights issues.
Canada Party -- One Party Stands up for the Animals.
Green Party UK -- Election news from THE GREEN PARTY.
Republican - Keillor -- Garrison Keillor apologizes to the Republican Party.
Morrissey Canada -- March 2006. He boycotts Canada.
Morrissey -- Morrissey Attacks George Bush And Tony Blair, comparing them to Saddam Hussein...
Leonard 4 Dogs -- March 2006. Interview with former Ohio lieutenant governor and Dayton Mayor Paul R. Leonard.
Drnovsek - Slovenia -- Feb. 2006. Dr. Drnov?ek, Pres. of Republic Slovenia, about vegetarianism & animal rights.
Cheney Hunting -- Feb 2006. Article by HSUS on Cheney's canned hunts.
Morrissey2 -- Jan 15, 2006 Morrissey supports animal rights violence.
Euro Parliament - - Email addresses of the European Parliment.
John Kerry -- John Kerry's Record on Animal Welfare and Environmental Issues.
Senators Katrina Pets -- Sept 2005. Senators Ensign & Santorum Speak Out on Hurricane Katrina's Impact on Pets.
Bush Poop -- Aug 2005. Police in Germany are hunting pranksters who have been sticking miniature flag portraits of US President George W. Bush into piles of dog poop in public parks.
Signals movie -- Flash movie about the Iraq war.
Senator Santorum -- June 27, 2005, Animal Groups Praise Sen. Rick Santorum.
Sharpton -- Feb, 2005. Al Sharpton Joins With an Animal Rights Group in Calling for a Boycott of KFC.
US Senator -- On July 9, 2001, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), delivered an extraordinary, pro-animal speech on the Senate floor.
Generosity -- which countries are the most generous?

Google Humor: Go to Google, type in "failure" (w/o the quotes) and hit "I'm feeling lucky". Very interesting. Also "asshole" & "french military victories".

Politicians and Businessmen

Dennis Kucinich He ran for President in the primary elections in the US. people told us that while campaigning he ordered vegan dishes.

Chelsea Clinton
Henry Ford
Mahatma Gandhi
Steven Jobs (founded Apple computer company)
Martin Luther

* Paavo Nurmi
* Carter USM
* Eric Stolz
* Kate Bush
* John Peel
* Martin Gore
* Emanuel Swedenborg
* Schopenhauer

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