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The seventh-century Christian mystic Saint Isaac the Syrian asks, "What is a charitable heart? It is a heart which is burning with love for the whole creation, for men, for the birds, for the beasts . . . for all creatures. He who has such a heart cannot see or call to mind a creature without his eyes being filled with tears by reason of the immense compassion which seizes his heart; a heart which is softened and can no longer bear to see or learn from others of any suffering, even the smallest pain being inflicted upon a creature. That is why such a man never ceases to pray for the animals . . . moved by the infinite pity which reigns in the hearts of those who are becoming united with God."

+Jews and Arabs March Together for Veganism and Animal Rights - Aug 2015
+The Truth About Religion and Animals - Dec 2014
+Open Letter To The Pope - November 2014
+An Open Letter to My Fellow UUs about Animal Liberation - Sept 2014
+Jews and Arabs Unite against Animal Cruelty - Sept 2014
+Should AR Trump Religious Freedom? Denmark Says Yes - Feb 2014
+Top Scholars Address Religious Ethics and Animal Protection
+The Diet From God
+ - blog about our obligations to our fellow creatures and to talk about issues of animal sentience and how our daily decisions affect animals.
+Father Frank Mann's Awakening to Compassion for Animals - April 2013
+What do the major religions say about veg*ism? - April 2013
+Veganism = Religion? - March 2013
+Linzey Sermon - Where Are the Churches? - September 2012
+Into the Tar Pit of Religion - June 2012
+The Peaceable Kingdom - Reflections of A Christian Vegan - May 2012
+Who Stole My Religion? by Richard Schwartz - Jan 2012
+Obscene Behavior - Jan 2012
+Speciesism and Veganism: Transcending Politics and Religion - Nov. 2011
+Animal-based diets are inconsistent with basic religious values - Nov. 2011
+Where are the Churches? - October 2011
+The Dark Side of Religious Belief - Oct 2011
+Government and Church Inaction Allows Animal Cruelty to Thrive - 9/11
+Animal Ministry Presentation - 8/2011
+First, kill all the prairie dogs - 7/2011
+The Vatican and Animal Rights
+Ban on Religious Slaughter without Stunning - 4/2011
+Animals and Souls - 1/2011
+Bardot group campaigns against halal animal slaughter - 1/2011
+Example of AR Actions in Church Setting - 11/2010
+Anti-Animal Advocacy Cliches - 11/10
+Religious Excuse for Barbarity - 11/10
+Vegetarian and Vegan Religions - Summary - 11/10
+Oxford Theologian's Work for Animals Honoured - 9/10
+Minister calls for zoos to be closed - 5/10
+Do Animals Have Souls? - 4/10
+To Ministers ~ Alternatives to Releasing Balloons, Doves, Butterflies - 3/10
+Viewing Animal Suffering with Interfaith Eyes
+In the Afterlife, Are All Creatures Equal?
+Animals & Religion
+Religious Leaders Meet to Protect Animals - Nov 2007
      A Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion
+ -- Animal Rights Sound Bites for Conversations with Christians.
+Evangelicals are embracing animal rights
 Quotes about religion and animals: powerpoint.pps (3mb)
+Ark & Covenant -- The Ark and the Covenant: Living in Godly Relationship, by D. Farrington
+Faith Goes Green - in Tucson Arizona
+Ten Commandments for Animals from Christian Teaching
+Religious Quotes
+All Creatures of Our God and King: What God's Word Says About Animals by Teri Wilson.
+Animal Chaplains - July 2007
+And God Gave Them Dominion' - June 2009

+Unitarians Declare for Animals - March 2013
+AR Church -- Episcopal Church embraces all God's Creatures
         ENAW General Convention 2009
         Episcopal Church
+Creatures Ministry -- God's Creatures Ministry. Web page link.
+Christian Vegetarian -- a Christian ministry promoting animal rights
+Ahimsa Explained
+An Ahimsa Thanksgiving
+A Papal Mercy - How the Vatican Views Animals
+Catholic Concern for Animals - has a new, flourishing US branch
+The Anglican Church's Position -- Stewardship: Protection from Cruelty
+Church 4 Chickens -- The Church Up to Its Ears in Chicken
+Diocese of Easton -- Ministry to: work with those who are lonely frail, elderly, or needy; take on a responsibility of regular intercessory prayer for all of creation; protect and nurture the natural environment caring especially for orphaned or injured wild birds and other animals.
+AR & Mormons -- Perspectives on animal rights in Utah Valley
+Church Saves Pets -- 2005. Thibodaux church sheltering pets, by Millie Ball
+The Texas Episcopalian -- Sept 2005. New gospel gives ‘paws’ to faith stories
+Theosophy -- The Theosophical Society of America
+The Peace Abbey -- This is where Emily the cow, who received publicity when she escaped the slaughterhouse -- lived out her life among other animal friends who also escaped.
+Quakers for Animals
+Vishnoi Philosophy

+ Tell the World about Jainism

+ Buddhism and Animals -- Articles on Buddhism and Animal Liberation.
"The Vegan Question"; A Buddhist nun is asking vegans for their feedback.
+ Shabkar promotes vegetarianism as a way of life for Buddhists of all schools. It is based on the teachings of Shabkar Tsodruk Rangdrol (1781-1851), a Tibetan yogi who espoused vegetarianism. Contact [email protected].

+N Y Times: A Pope for All Species
+Listen to the pope
+Pope Declares Animals Will go to Heaven
+Why Animal Protection Advocates Are Lauding Pope Francis's Encyclical, 'Laudato Si'
+Christian Terrorism
+All Animals Go To Heaven, Says Pope Francis
+Exploring Christian Perspectives on Animal Rights
+For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action
+Considering Christian ethics for how we treat animals
+What Is Dominion?
+Will Pope Francis, like his namesake, be a voice for animals?
+How can so many Christians be indifferent to animal suffering?
+Joel Freedman: Was Jesus a pioneer of animal-rights, vegetarian activism?
Jesus said to eat no meat:
+ Preaching the Gospel of Violence
+ An Advent Reflection on God and Animal Cruelty
+ The Silent Seers - Advent Poem
+ Gospel of the Vegetarian Christ
+ Discussion of the word "Dominion" in the Bible
+ Jesus Christ - The First Animal Rights Activist
+ Animal Protection Ministries: A Guide for Churches : The Humane Society of the United States
+The American Scientific Affiliation describes itself as a "fellowship of Christians in science." It is based in Ipswich, Mass. Its Web site includes the writings of members who reconcile their faith with the use of laboratory animals. Search under "animal rights." Contact 978-356-5656.
+Animal Families is a ministry that promotes the caring stewardship of animals as a biblical principle. It is a division of Russell Ministries. Contact [email protected].
+Catholic Concern for Animals in the United States would like to increase animal rights and animal welfare activism within the Catholic Church. Contact [email protected].
+The Christian Bowhunters of America is based in Greenville, Ohio, and promotes Christianity among bowhunters. Its statement of faith includes biblical verses that it says support hunting. It maintains a list of chapters nationwide. Contact 937-548-0623.
+The Christian Deer Hunters Association is based in Silver Lake, Minn., and encourages the hunting of deer as a means to Christian fellowship and faith. Tom Rakow is its founder. Contact 320-327-2266, [email protected].
+The Christian Hunters and Anglers Association seeks to encourage men to adopt an outdoor lifestyle as a way of deepening their Christian faith. The association, which is based in Tyler, Texas, advocates and engages in the hunting of animals. Contact 903-312-7390.
+The Christian Vegetarian Association promotes the practice of vegetarianism as a Christian principle. It is based in Cleveland and has a British chapter as well. Contact 216-283-6702, [email protected].
+The Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare is a volunteer organization of clergy and lay people within the Episcopal Church who would like to raise awareness of animal welfare in Episcopal congregations. It maintains a list of "animal-friendly" congregations. Contact Sue Grisham, [email protected].
+The Healing Species provides classroom curricula and programs that bring rescued animals into schools in the belief that engaging children with animals will teach them compassion and prevent animal cruelty. Its Web site includes a statement of belief in a "Higher Power," "Creator" and "Lord." Cheri Brown Thompson is its founder and director. It is based in Orangeburg, S.C. Contact [email protected].
+The Universal Equalitarian Church is based on the principle that all species are created equal. It is based in Lamar, Mo. Contact 417-398-2800, [email protected].
+Universal Life is a Christian community that takes animal rights and welfare as one of its main concerns. Its American community is based in Woodbridge, Conn. Contact 800-846-2691.
+Vegetarian Friends is a Quaker organization dedicated to helping Quakers and others keep a vegetarian diet. The group publishes a monthly journal, The Peaceable Table, whose editor is Gracia Fay Ellwood. Contact [email protected].

Bible Interpretation
+St. Francis of Assisi
+Christ Led Like A Sheep to Slaughter
+Bible Study Topic
+Churches Debate Heaven for Dogs - humorous
+No Hamburger in Heaven
+Lawsuit To Determine If Dogs Have Souls - January 2012
+Animal Souls
+Animals and Their Souls
+More on Animal Souls
+Benedict XVI Continues Tradition of Papal Concern for Animals
+Letter to Pope Benedict XVI - October 2006
+ Bible Translation -- The attitudes of some of the biblical translators, and other Christian interpreters, towards animals. By John Eaton
+Jesus Was a Vegetarian (video)
+Was Jesus a Vegetarian? by Akers
+Was Jesus a Vegetarian? by Pasha
+ God 2 Noah -- The Bible practically has a "Thou shalt be vegan" commandment.
+ Old Testament -- How Do Old Testament Religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism) Affect Animal Rights? The Reverend Teresa Corrigan, B.A., M. Div.

Discrediting the Bible (to those who tell us passages in the Bible mean only what THEY say it means)
+ Biblevotes -- The Bible's Unholy Origins by Robert L. Johnson. Also, 8 pages of Absurdities, Inconsistencies, Errors, Flaws, Humanists, Bad Precepts, Problems, and Vulgarities in the Bible
+ Boomer Bible -- Boomer Bible by R.F. Laird -- humorous or sacrilege, depending

+Hindu tradition of vegetarianism
+Hindus ask for bullfighting ban in Spain
+Zed urges Hindus for vow of animal compassion on Naga-panchami

+Hindu AR Philosophy
  Hindu - VSPCA
+Hindu Vegetarianism
        Hindu Vegetarianism 2
+Hindus -- Why Hindus Don't Eat Meat
+The Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary in Bangor, Pa., rescues cows headed for slaughter because, among other things, "cows are dear to Lord Krishna." Its founder is Sankar Sastri. Contact 610-599-8824, [email protected].

+First Ever Fatwa Issued Against Wildlife Trafficking
- March 2014
+Despite outrage, Muslim couple are stray dogs' best friends
- Dec 2013
+Muslims on Meat, Cats, and Dogs
- Dec 2013
+AR in Islam
- November 2013
+Book released on animal rights in Islam
- July 2013
- Jan 2013
+Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe
- Feb 2012
+Animal Advocacy and Islam - July 2011
+Activist Relies on Islam to Fight for Animal Rights
+Muslim Veg Americans: Islam's animal rights ambassadors
+Animal Sacrifice in Islam
+Eating Meat Is Not Islamic
+Animal Rights Present in Islam
    Islam Animal Books
+Islamic Teachings.pdf (pdf file)
Islam & Animal Rights
Animal Rights and Islam. Saudi Gazette. 22 December 2008. Animal rights in Islam. ANIMALS, like humans, are the creation of Allah. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was not only sent as a mercy to mankind but also to all living creatures. Full article: 

INTERFAITH promotes veganism, vegetarianism and a "cruelty-free lifestyle" based on Judeo-Christian teachings and ethics. It is run by the Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation and is based in Athens, N.Y. Contact [email protected].
+The Noah Alliance posts online resources dealing with the protection of endangered species from various faith perspectives. Suellen Lowry is program director. Contact 707-826-1948, [email protected].
+The Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians promotes a plant-based diet in the belief that vegetarianism is consistent with religious teachings. Its pamphlet on vegetarianism and world religions traces support for a plant-based diet in religious scriptures and teachings. Richard Schwartz is coordinator. Contact 718-761-5876, [email protected].

+Apocalypse Cow
- April 2015
+Brigitte Bardot calls for ban on shechitah, terms it 'ritual sacrifice'
+Orthodox Rabbi throws down on fur
- October 2013
+When animal cruelty runs afoul of Judaism
- Jan 2013
+Shamayim V'Aretz, Rabbi David Rosen on Vegetarianism & Jewish Law
+Reaction to Anti Kaporos
+Jewish Veg is the Web site of Jewish Vegetarians of North America. It is dedicated to promoting vegetarianism among Jews by linking it to Halakhah (Jewish law). Richard Schwartz is the president of Jewish Vegetarians of North America, which is based in Newport News, Va. Contact via the Web site.
+Halal Interpretations Vary
+Ethical Kapparot" Urged by Editor of Jewish Journal
+Jews for Animal Rights promotes the vegetarian teachings of Rabbi Avraham Kuk, the first chief rabbi of Israel , through Micah Publications, its publishing arm. Contact [email protected].

+Mormons for Animals and BYU Vegetarians are two organizations of students, faculty and others affiliated with Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Christopher Foster is faculty adviser to both. Contact 801-623-0525, [email protected] or [email protected].
    7th Day Adventist and Health

+The Culture of Life Community describes itself as "a social-spiritual media, education, and commerce network designed to support individuals, communities, and the world to move from the predatory, exploitive consciousness of the culture of death to the Culture of Life, a loving lifestyle based on alive spirituality, alive people, alive relationships, alive parenting, alive food, and alive earth." It includes the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Ariz., and was founded by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Contact 866-394-2520.

+Animal Chaplains offers spiritual services, resources and information for clergy and laypeople about animals. It was founded by Nancy Cronk, an ordained Universal Life Church minister. Its Web site includes a list of animal chaplains around the country. Contact 303-766-3123, [email protected].

+Unitarian Universalists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals promotes animal rights and welfare issues among members of the Unitarian Universalist Association. It is based in Burlington, Vt. Contact via the Rev. LoraKim Joyner at [email protected].

+Church of the Latter Day Aints

Sermons and Prayers
+Prayers suitable for use in church or other gatherings at the illness or death of Companion, Service, or other Beloved Animals
+A Form for Prayers of the People during Creation Season
+Prayers of the People on the theme of Water
+Prayers of the People for the Season of Creation 2008
+Creation Collects and Propers 9-29-11
+Burial Office for a Beloved Animal
+Lord, have mercy
+PB Sermon

+Prayers for Rogation Day & the Blessing of Soil
+A Rogation Day Procession and Liturgy
+Suggested readings & resources for St
+Introduction to the Propers and Collects.docx
+ - pet prayers
+http://www.beliefne Family/ (Pet Prayer's link goes to Healing prayers)
+Prayer for Animals
+Saint Basil's Prayer
+Liturgies for Commemorations and Burials of Animals
+MP St[2]. Francis- bless animals draft2-20-11-2
+Christmas Prayers for Animals.pdf
+ Caring For Creation. pdf -- Discussion Guide for Congregations
+A Christian view on animal testing
+ Newman Sermon -- The Catholic Study for Animal Welfare
+ Good Friday Sermon -- The Ultimate Scapegoat by Rev. Rebecca
+ Easter Sermon -- Easter is About Creation by Rev. Rebecca
+ Donkey -- Reflections on Jesus and the Donkey: A Triumphal Entry?   by Rev. Rebecca
+ Atonement -- Animal Sacrifice and Liberation: Implications of the Atonement, by Rev. Rebecca
+ AR Prayers -- Some prayers that include animals
+Blessing Animals -- A Service For the Blessing of Animals
+Prayer -- Prayer for Ecological Conversion
+ Dandelions -- Discussion on Helping, and "Dandelions Like Me"
+ The Chicken & The Egg -- by Peter Sawtell, Executive Director of Eco-Justice Ministries
+ Essays by Peter Sawtell -- A dozen assorted Essays by Rev. Peter Sawtell
+ Peaceable Kingdom -- by Rev. Susan Durber, 1998
+Lenten Fast from Violence -- ENAW, 2005
+Lent -- 2003 Sermon delivered by the Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld
+ Prayers and Liturgy for Animals -- .pdf file

+Jesus Was A Vegan -- This book raises many interrelated important issues in life.
+Good Friday and Vegan Jesus
+Religion and Vegetarianism
+Why Be Vegetarian
+Vegetarianism: Recommended in Vedic Scripture
+Living Toward the Peaceable Kingdom
+Rabbi Yossi Feintuch says vegetarianism is a religious ideal - July '08
+Vegan Church
+Links to Vegetarianism and Religions - 2007
+Is Eating Meat A Catholic Sin? - Interview with Bruce Friedrich, 2004
+Does God Support Factory Farms?
+God Does Not Eat Meat - December 2006
+ No Hamburgers in Heaven -- Interview with Dr. Stephen Webb
+Were Jesus of Nazareth & Early Christians Vegetarians?
+ Xtians & Vegs -- Christians and Vegetarianism, by Rev. John Dear.
+Jesus - Veg -- Jesus was a vegetarian and a raw-foodist.
+ Ethical Vegetarianism -- The Concept and Practice of Ethical Vegetarianism as Consistent with New Testament Themes.
+ Early Christian Vegetarians -- Who's Who in early Christian vegetarians
+Christian Vegetarians -- List of famous quotes
' Interview with author Richard Schwartz -- Judaism and Vegetarianism.
+Vegetarianism in Bible -- Vegetarianism: Supported in the Bible.
+Bible-vegetarian -- Debating the Bible and vegetarianism
+ Eating of Meat -- About Judeochristianity and the Eating of Meat by Jerry Friedman. Also Catholicism, and Animals.
+Jews ban beef to save the world? - November 2007
+ jewish veg booklet72.pdf -- A Case for Jewish Vegetarianism
+A Sacred Duty - movie
+ Jewish Vegetarians? -- 18 Reasons Jews Shouldn't Be Vegetarians (And Why They're Wrong)
+ Interfaith -- Interfaith Movement Urges Shift to Vegetarianism by Richard H. Schwartz
+Preaches -- Rev. George Malkmus Preaches Vegetarianism
+Rabbi On Veg -- First Hamburger. A guilt-ridden carnivore makes the spiritual case for vegetarianism.
Jewish Vegetarians of North America has made a film, A Sacred Duty. We plan to post the film in segments or in its entirety on the internet. If anyone would like a copy (or several) for viewing/showing/sharing, please contact John Diamond at [email protected]. Here is more info on the film:

Religious Leaders
+Religious Testimony Regarding Animals
+Dalai Lama -- Dalai Lama campaigns for wildlife
+Dalai Lama KFC -- Sept 2005. KFC Abandons Plans to Enter Tibet.
+PETA Rabbis -- April 2006. Rabbi's make PETA commercial.
+Pope Quotes -- Animal-related quotes from Popes and Cardinals
    More in the MS Excel spreadsheet here: Quotes

Activism, Essays
Traditional Religious Values - April 2011
The Meaning of Compassion - 2010
Dominion Trumps Oreo's Law - 2010
Crimes of the Pope - 2010
Hunting Priest
Say NO to Clergy Endorsed Hunting -2010
Animals and Religion Conference! - 2010
Dante's Hell
Faith - by Barry
+The Anthropomorphic Fallacy Mira Fong
+God Spoke to Me: He Said "Stop Fucking With My Creations!" - Apr 09
+Animal Advocacy (bridging a gulf between the Church and the outside world) - April 2009. Sue (ENAW).
+Freedom of Religion Should Not Curtain Freedom of Speech - April 2009
+"Doctrine of Demons": Attacks on Animal Advocacy
+Why Don't Churches Teach Compassion for Animals - 2 page pdf file
+ Powerpoint presentation. 153 Kb, 45 slides. Preparing Churches and Communities to be Compassionate Stewards of Animals
+Purim and Vegetarianism
+Why Jesus favors mustard seed-sized ministry
+Resolution on Judaism and Fur
+Some Rabbis Protest Kapparot Use of Chickens - 2006
+Jewish Teachings Against Cruelty to Animals - Yael Shemesh
+The Christian and Animal Suffering - by Rev. Canon Arthur Fielder
+Why People Kill Animals - Interview about the last 2000 years.
+Little Black Dog -- Poem. I wonder if Christ had a little black dog....
+Theology & Animals -- Feb 2006. Thinking Theologically About Animals
+ Activism - Religion: Friend or Foe of Animal Activism? by Richard Schwartz & Rabbi Dovid Sears.
+Schwartz -- The Custom of Kapparot in the Jewish Tradition, by R. Schwartz
+Rabbi Gershom
+Dog Who Helped -- Nov '05. The Dog Who Helped Parishioners Renew Relationships with God.
+AW Ecumenical -- Animal Welfare Ecumenical Service 2005
+Ministry_vs_Dimes -- Fledgling Ministry Challenges Animal Testing
+10 Commandments - The Ten Commandments For Caring For Animals, by Lewis Regenstein
+ Animals Have Souls -- Pope Said: "Animals Too Have Souls, Just Like Men"
+Do Animals Deserve -- Do Animals Deserve Rights? How should Christians think about AR?
+Stewardship of the Animals -- by Episcopal Diocese of Washington
+Animal's Soul - Pope John Paul II
+Do Animals Have Souls? -- Do Animals Have Souls? by G. Koukl Here's proof
+ A Dog's Soul -- poem
' Mary Tucker -- Making the Ground Holy
+Our Debt to Animals -- from ENAW
+Catholic A W -- Christmas without cruelty, by Deborah Jones
+AR & Christianity: A Historical & Theological Discourse -- by Toby K'berle
+Ancient History Of Animals In Gods Kingdom
+Christian Love for Animals
+Religion & Fur -- Religion and the Morality of Wearing Fur
+On Hunters -- April 2006. On Christian Hunters.
+ Meat Turns Religious -- July 9, 2005. New crusade against eating meat turns religious in NC
+Religious War -- Listen Up, You Christo-Fascist Bullies -- You Apostles Of Perpetual Psychosis -- It's High Time Somebody Called You Out, by Phil Rockstroh
+Jews_Xians_Hunting -- When it comes to the matter of hunting, there is a wide divergence between Jewish and Christian tradition.
+ Evolution -- Grasping the Depth of Time as a Step in Understanding Evolution, by V. Klinkenborg
+Common arguments -- regarding atheism
' Rejection of Pascal's Wager - Rejection of Pascal's Wager - "Scientific" creationism
+ Pope & animals -- Pope John Paul II taught love for animals (philosophy / religion)
+ Pope and Cats -- Pope John Paul II had a dream about homeless cats (philosophy / religion)
+ Is God for Animals? -- Is God on the Animals+Side?
+ Bird hunting a Christian Paradox? -- Bird hunting: a Christian paradox? by Phil Humphries
' Jewish View -- The Bible and Vegetarianism -- a Jewish View
+Rabbi's Compassion for Animals - LTE May 2008
+Rosh Hashanah -- Oct 2005. Thoughts on this Jewish Holiday, by Rina Deych
+ Passover -- Passover and Vegetarianism By Richard H. Schwartz
+ Perfect Philo -- Basic Philosophy -- Compassion and Ethics
+ Equalitarian -- Equalitarian Religion
+ Common Religion -- Declaration On the Basis of the Common Religion
+Quotes -- Animal friendly quotes related to religion and faith.
+ Atheist Quotes -- Atheist Quotes from web site "War On Faith"
+ Pets in Heaven -- Pets in Heaven by Hank Hanegraaff
+ Humane Religion? -- Humane Religion. What religious leaders must consider and understand.
+ ALF Spirituality -- The Animal Liberation Movement and Global Spirituality, by Dr. Mira Foung
+Humanists -- Article by the American Humanist Association
+Evolution, Catholicism, and AR -- Debate about Pope John Paul II's comments
+Animals -- Religion and the right to use animals
+ PETA Ad Blitz Angers Religious Groups -- by Lisa Haddock
+ Healing with Animals -- by Jan Fredericks
+ Catholic Urges Compassion for Animals -- by Jan Fredericks
+ Faith Requires Compassion Toward Animals -- by Richard Schwartz

+8 minute evolution -- video .wmv, Carl Sagan's vision
+God and Animals -- In Defence of Creation
+Religion & Animals - Links to Religion, Prayers, Souls, Spirituality and Animals
+Animal Theology Links
+ jesusveg/popular -- Blessed are the Merciful 
+PETA -- Christianity and Vegetarianism 
+ Islamic Concern -- Islam and Vegetarianism
+ Jesus veg -- Jewish Perspective
+ - Islam and animal cruelty.
O'Hair vs. Huxley - A Totally Misdirected Attack - Defining the word Agnostic
(even though they don't allow unsaved people to view their site or come within a 10-mile radius of their 150-thousand acre, 27.5 billion dollar, Christian campus in Freehold, Iowa):
FAQs Regarding Atheism - 1 - Atheism - 2 - Atheism - 3 - Atheism - 4 -
Atheism - 5 - Atheism - 6 - Atheism - 7 - Atheism - 8 - Atheism - 9 -
Atheism - 10 - Atheism - 11 - Atheism - 12 - Atheism - 13 - Atheism - 14 - Atheism - 15 - Atheism - 16 - Atheism - 17 -



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