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Alan & Brenda Rankin

Maltese Rescue of Central SW Florida

New Port Richey, Fl 34655

(727) 688-1748

Alan & Brenda Rankin

Just to add a little note, I have personally destroyed and help close down several puppy mills here in Florida and brought prosecution to the owners and even had the land confiscated and condemned by the state because of soil contamination. Plus Income Tax Violation and County and City Tax Violations. To put it simple, I am the Most FEARED and HATED by Puppy Mill and other Type Animal abuser operation. Being a Biker doesn't hurt.

Before we release any rescued animals, they see a vet, put in good health, mentally and emotionally calmed and we investigate deeply into prospective new parents/owners.

Oh, I didn't mention, I am also the Writer of Rainbow Bridge. I have the copyright to prove it. We answer the cries of those that can't be heard.


P.S. Our newest additional rescue efforts are with Bats.

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