Violence and animal rights

[Hunt saboteur with facial injury] [Hunt saboteur on stretcher] [Hunt saboteur with facial injury]

Terrorists? ... or Terrorised?

Since they began to effectively spread the compassion message, those who fight for the rights of non-human animals have been portrayed as violent thugs who set out to damage property & persons & intimidate normal law abiding people for no apparent reason.

This smear campaign has sought to delude the public that vivisectors, hunters, furriers, animal farmers, those involved in the meat industry, indeed anyone involved in the exploitation of animals are all living in fear of a terrorist attack and that everything must be done to curb this threat even if the "threat" consists of polite letters and phone calls.

At the same time attacks on pro-animal campaigners have been at best trivialised but more often ignored or suggested it is as consequence of the victims own actions they've been hurt -"shouldn't have been there" - even when such attacks have been vicious enough to seriously injure or kill the individuals concerned.

Perversely the government will be curbing the right to protest peacefully yet further via the impending Criminal Justice and Police Bill, which will make peaceful protest outside private residences a criminal offence.

Any establishment, for example a weapons factory or a nuclear base, will only have to have someone living on site to make any demonstration there illegal.

Here on the following pages are 3 examples of the kind of terrorism inflicted on pro-animal campaigners whose objection to animal abuse has led to their death.

Each instance makes a mockery of the notion that it is the animal abusers who need added protection.

Attacks on those people opposed to animal abuse can be multiplied ten fold and still the true picture would be hidden.

Jill Phipps

[Jill Phipps]

During the winter of 1994 terrified young calves were flown from Coventry to end their lives in Dutch veal-crates. A few people started protesting at the airport gates. Jill was one. As a transporter came down the road to the gates she would run to it, shouting at the drivers to think about the suffering they caused. The few police there would turn out and simply man-handle her and anyone else behaving similarly out of the way.

Then came February 1st 1995. There were about 76 police there that day and about 32 demonstrators. Jill and a few others eluded the police, most of whom were in a van at the back, and reached the transporter. Any good driver would have stopped until it was safe to continue, but Stephen Yates just drove on, regardless and uncaring.

"Jill was crushed and died on the way to hospital. Our mother, Nancy, was with her. The driver has never been charged, not even with "driving without due care & attention". AT THE INQUEST THE POLICE STATED THAT THEIR ACTIONS HAD BEEN PLANNED BY A SPECIALIST TACTICIAN, AND THAT THE DAY HAD BEEN VERY SUCCESSFUL..." - Zab Phipps

Tom Worby

[Tom Worby]

April 3rd 1993 fifteen-year-old schoolboy Tom Worby was killed by Cambridgeshire FH huntsman Tony Ball as he drove his horse box over the youngster who had been protesting against the hunt. Tom's jacket snagged on the wing mirror of Ball's vehicle as he forced the group with Tom to scatter to the side of the road.

Tom managed to get a foothold on the vehicle's running board & banged on the window for the driver to stop, he didn't. Tom lost his grip & fell to the ground & under the truck, his head was crushed under the rear wheels. He died shortly afterwards. No action was taken against the 53-year-old driver.

Mike Hill

[Mike Hill]

Hunt Saboteur, Mike Hill, was killed on the 9th of February 1991 at a meet of the Cheshire Beagles.

Towards the end of the day's hunting, with no kill under his belt, the huntsman boxed up his hounds in a small blue trailer being towed by an open-top pick-up truck. The kennel huntsman, Alan Summersgill, with another man, jumped into the pick-up and, on impulse, three sabs who were nearby, jumped onto the back of it to prevent them driving the pack to another location to continue hunting.

Summersgill drove off at high speeds down winding country roads for 5 miles with the terrified sabs clinging onto the back. It is thought that Mike, jumped from the pick-up as it slowed to take a bend. He failed to clear the truck properly, and was caught between the truck and the trailer, which crushed him. Mike died where he lay on the road.

Despite the thud, and the screams of the other sabs, Summersgill continued driving for a further mile. The truck only came to a halt when one of the sabs smashed the rear window of the cab.

The sab was hit with a whip as he tried to stop the truck. Once it had stopped one sab ran back to Mike's prone body while the other ran to a nearby house to call for an ambulance. Summersgill drove off.

He later handed himself in at a police station. No charges were brought against him and in a travesty of justice, a verdict of 'Accidental Death' was brought at the inquest.

Summersgill is still hunting hares.

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