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Baby Pigeon gets its toes tied in its own nesting material

May 25, 2011

I wrote a story before about my suspicions that a big majority of pigeons are getting there toes and feet tied in there own nesting material. The mom and dad are sitting on the two eggs in the nest approximately 21 days taking turns. Out of over 3,000 pigeons I rescued and doctored I have had more pigeons toes tied with human hair than anything else. I believe they are using more human hair to make there nest than I realized.

About four years ago when I was living in my fenced in area where I had cages and doctored birds for three years. Many pigeons came right to me inside my fenced in area when they needed help and without a doubt something very beautiful and spiritual was going on. One day a baby pigeon that must of just left its nest close by landed between my legs with both legs tied together with hair. There also was a big clump of hair balled up between his legs. It did not dawn on me at the time that the baby pigeon got his toes and feet tied like that in its own nesting material.

 Just today I starting to realize how many pigeons probably get there toes and feet tied in there own nesting material and then grow to full size adults with there toes and feet still tied with no one to help them. I always assumed when I rescued the pigeons full grown that they got there toes and feet tied after they left the nest sometime.

Maybe this is why I rescue so many pigeons that appear to have had there toes and feet tied for a year or two at least. I have not rescued many babies that had there toes and feet tied when leaving there nest so it took me a long time to make this connection.

Actually as of yesterday it all started making more sense to me. I rescued a baby that left its nest early yesterday on 5/23/2011. It still had a little of the baby peach-fuzz on its body and could only fly a few feet. So without a doubt this baby got his toes tied with human hair in the nesting material. Maybe some pigeons make there nest with larger quantities of human hair depending on where the birds hang out and what's available. I know for a fact that some hair cutting salons are careless with hair they throw in there dumpsters. I don't exactly blame them 100 percent because they have no idea that birds end up being tortured after getting there feet tied from the hair.

 I don't know where people could get more educated on this matter or even if they would care if they knew. Hopefully some pigeons will get better care from reading some of these stories. Most of the pigeons I work on lay back and let me do almost anything to them and seem to trust me with there life. They definitely know without a doubt I am there to help them. So many pigeons after untying them for maybe two hours or longer. When I would go to release them when I was done working on them they would stay in my hand and not want to leave me. Can you imagine what a beautiful way of saying thank you to me that was each time.

 On a rare occasion a pigeon will get overly excited when I am untying them and breath real hard and go into a seizure and die. But I have learned to watch them very close for any signs of going into a seizure. The baby I was untying yesterday started to go into a seizure. I have learned to immediately put them down and make them take there mind off of the seizure and concentrate on standing and it works every time as long as I see it about to happen. I guess a few do get scared and very nervous never being held by a human or maybe the pain is really bad. But I have not seen a pigeon die from a seizure in over two years.

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