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Birdman-Taking 30 Minutes to Help

July 10, 2011

These rescue photo's were taken at the Aquarium in Long Beach California.

When the DailyGood published the story on my rescue work on July 1st. It was a lady named Yoo-Mi from Charity Focus that had DailyGood publish the story on my rescue work. A friend of Yoo-Mi named Rahul Brown e-mailed me on July 9, 2011 and said he was in town for two days and would like to meet me and maybe take part in helping some Pigeons. Well Rahul gets some of the credit because if he had not wanted to meet me we would not have gone to the Aquarium that day and rescued these Pigeons. We did not have a lot of time since he had to leave town but the trip to the Aquarium turned out very successful anyway. I rescued 5 pigeons in our first half hour there in my hands without even using my net and brought 3 pigeons home to doctor.

 And the point I really would like to make is to look at the incredible accomplishments someone can make helping any number of god's creatures just giving 30 minutes of there time. These pigeons that had there toes tied already suffered for only god knows how long watching there toes fall off one at a time because of no circulation. And by me rescuing them and untying them it saved them further torture for only god knows how long. Until you have saved one of gods beautiful animals lives and given them there life back. You could not even imagine in your wildest imagination what a beautiful experience it is or how rewarding it is.

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