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Birdman - Angel in Pain

This was a really sad rescue for me. I have seen so many pigeons hurt really bad but this rescue is a first for me.

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Last night - 8/22/2011 - I received a e-mail around 8 p.m. from a woman I used to be pretty close friends with named Sandra Rodriquez. The subject line said "Pigeon in Pain" and she asked me to call her as soon as I could. I called her immediately and she said a dog injured a pigeon where she lives and its wing and leg is hurt really bad.

She lives about two miles from me and I bussed it to the 1700 block of 7th Street and met her at her apartment building. In the back of her apartment building she showed me where the pigeon was laying in the dirt. And this is what made this particular rescue so very Special. When I picked him up he was being eaten alive by ants. And if I would not have seen that e-mail and responded as fast as I did. The poor little guy would of died the most horrible slow death imaginable. And that is why his name is Angel because he sure had one last night. If I would of missed that e-mail even by one hour the ants surely would of killed him. I think the ants were attracted to the blood from his injured wing. His wing was 98 percent ripped off and gone. If he survives this whole nightmare he will be permanently disabled.

By the way Angel is here wrapped comfortable in a soft T - Shirt in my left hand helping me write his incredible survival story. I have never had a pigeon with a damaged wing in this bad of condition in my seven years of rescue. I am putting medicine on his wounds and giving him antibiotics which he desperately needs right now.

Another big problem I am faced with is when I checked on him last night in the cage after working on him he was on his back. I think it is the combination of his injured legs and losing his balance with only one wing now. In a couple days when I realize how bad his possible broken leg is. I will have my friend look at him who helps me with broken legs & wings. She is Christina Robelotto from Southbay Wildlife and has helped me for about 5 years out of the kindness of her heart and her love for all of god's creatures.

Sometimes depending on where the leg is broke they can't be wrapped. The broken legs & wings need to be wrapped within about a week of the break before they calcify or the broken bones have no chance of healing correctly. I was really concerned that Angel would even still be alive this morning. The fact that he was after all the hurt he went though shows his incredible will to live. I just hand fed him and put him in a cage close to me to keep a close eye on him. I just found out he can't stand at all and that's not good and at this point and I am not sure why yet.

I am hoping in a couple days of getting over this traumatic experience he gains some use in his legs again. But if worst comes to worst and Angel can't be saved. God still blessed him because he did not let him get eaten alive by the ants and die such a slow horrible death. The message I keep trying to get across to people is. It does not take very much time out of your life to rescue a animal and make a difference and maybe save a life. I took two hours out of my life last night instead of watching a movie or fooling around on the internet and saved one of gods precious creatures from being slowly eaten alive by ants.

What greater pleasure on earth could there possibly be.

I rest my case - SMILE


I am sitting here with tears running down my face and they are happy and sad tears at the same time. I was in the kitchen hand feeding Angel about 1 hour ago and it was the strangest experience I ever felt. Some people that have helped pigeons in pain have experienced this incredible look of love they give you for helping them that almost brings you to tears.

 Anyway I was hand feeding him and he was staring at me with the most loving, devoted and peaceful stare I ever witnessed. I wanted to grab the camera and get a couple photo's because this heart wrenching look of love was just simply awesome. Then it dawned on me he was dying and telling me with his eyes thank you for loving me and it will be okay.

 He just kept giving me that spiritual, peaceful loving look until he closed his eyes and said goodbye.

 He gave me something so beautiful back for helping him that will stay in my heart and memory forever. I already was faced with a decision whether or not he should be put to sleep. He had a bone that was sheared off and open about 1/8 th of a inch. Last night Christina from Southbay Wildlife told me that he would definitely get gangrene and die a horrible painful death because the bone that was sheared off would die. Surgery on the bone and removing it completely was the only option that would prevent the gangrene from setting in.

 But Angel also was faced with another very serious problem of not being able to stand on either leg. It appeared he had no feeling in his feet at all that meant he had a Spinal Cord injury and he would never be able to walk again. I was thinking seriously this morning of trying to work out a payment arrangement with my friend Sam at Community Pet Hospital to remove the severed bone and try and give Angel a chance for life even with his crippled legs.

 It just meant Angel would get held a lot and maybe spoiled a little and I don't think he would of minded at all. But by rescuing Angel when I did at least it kept him from being eaten alive by the hundreds of ants that were all over him. And for a short time he knew he was loved and appreciated and we will never forget this special little Angel who stole a piece of our hearts ( R I P ) my little friend and some day we will be together again and that is a promise.

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