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Birdman - Aquarium of the Pacific and Dumb Cops

The Aquarium of the Pacific is such a beautiful place to hang out during the day. Behind the aquarium on the shoreline is picnic tables and a lighthouse and birds everywhere especially Pigeons and Seagulls. There is a screened in area with "Lorikeets" a beautiful small bird in the parrot family I think and people go in and feed them nectar and they land on the visitors shoulders and it's a lot of fun. And most of the year you can go there on Friday evenings for free and pet sharks. It's a great place in the back by the tables to help the pigeons that are tied. I probably untie at least 5 birds every time I go there. Sometimes it's only one toe but the bird will be tortured once the string or hair tightens and cuts off circulation.

I think about the only bird I never rescued was a messenger pigeon and I actually seen one at the aquarium with the tube on his leg for messages but he took off. I hope he wasn't lost and just stopped to relax a little before heading home. There were times at the aquarium a school class was there and they shared in my rescue experiences of that day. One day a whole class shared in seeing me rescue the bird. I spent maybe a hour or hour and a half untying it and soaking its damaged feet. Then they got to share in the release. I just know somewhere along the line the experience some of the kids might have had with me might have changed the course of there lives forever with animals and wanting to help them.

Shoreline Village and the Aquarium of the Pacific are not far from each other on the shoreline and the Queen Mary sits right out there in the water across from Shoreline Village. This is another time I was doing something that was such a good reflection on Long Beach and I got kicked in the teeth again. I went to Shoreline Village regularly for two reasons. The first reason was because there were always birds there needing my help. There were so many birds with there toes tied and quite a few of the birds had there feet tied together in bondage. And the second reason is the reason my presence there was such a good reflection on Long Beach. There were so many people from other countries always around there. I had so many little kids feeding the pigeons out of their hands and there mommies and daddies were videotaping them to take back to there country to show everyone how exciting their visit to Long Beach was.

Well across from the water where I fed the birds were a few boats docked probably 100 feet away. A nasty lady from one of the boats called the police because I was feeding the birds. The first two policeman that showed up were older and said they were required to tell me there was a complaint but I did not have to stop feeding the birds there if I did not want to. And of course I did not want to stop feeding the birds because of one grumpy nasty woman so I continued feeding the birds. Well the nasty woman come running over there and said she was going to call the police again and I said I know. So the next police car that showed up looked like a couple young rookies and had me up against the car searching me for weapons if you can believe that. I told them the police officers that already came said I did not have to stop feeding the birds. They kept saying stuff like what did their car look like and what did there uniforms look like etc. Only god knows why they could not have gotten on their radios and called and found out who the police officers were that came there first and then talked to them. Anyway they kicked me out with threats of arresting me if I came back and that ended such a beautiful thing that was such a good reflection on Long bBeach especially with all the countries involved and Long Beach loses the most.

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