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Birdman - Baby Eleonora

Well I can't say for sure this rescue was a Divine Intervention or not but it sure felt like it was yesterday 3/5/2011.

There is a interesting reason the baby was given the name Baby Eleonora. I met a lady named Eleonora because of her love for pigeons and we became quick friends. She has a very important position in a college and most people she associates with do not really understand her love for pigeons. Then she met me someone who understood her love and emotional attachment and she had someone to share her experiences with. She has a pigeon that is having a very hard time clearing up a life threatening infection. I told her I had a bottle of Baytril antibiotics and it was a lot stronger than you can buy in the USA and she could have it. It is only injectable and needs to be mixed with a special solution. I never learned how to use it so I never opened it.

I was on my way to the post office yesterday to get it in the mail to her ASAP. Well the bus was running late and the lobby of the post office closes early on Saturdays. So I decided to walk the mile or so to the Post Office to make sure I got there in time. As I was cutting through side streets to get there and as I was walking by a indoor parking structure there was a baby pigeon walking across the floor in the path of any car entering like she owned the place. I actually had a carry bag and my net with me because I rescue so many hurt birds downtown. Her brother was still standing up on a 7 foot high ledge to the left with no mommy or daddy around.

I am heading downtown shortly to check on the other baby and make sure he didn't leave the nest early and his mommy and daddy came back. I left a bunch of food on the floor hoping the mom and dad would be able to stay with this baby more. I felt really bad for mom & dad to come back and one of there babies being gone. But there is no way you can put a baby back once they leave the nest and expect them to stay in it. The only reason I was walking by that parking structure was because of my friend Eleonora.

So the baby's life that was saved was named in her honor. And of course she got the biggest kick out of that. The baby just ate 21 cc of Exact baby formula and appears to be very healthy and should be full grown in two weeks. When the time is right my friend Christina Robelotto with Southbay Wildlife will put her in a flight cage to get her flying strength strong enough to be released when the time is right to enjoy life and not have to live a sad existence in a cage. It doesn't get much better than that.

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