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Birdman: Baby with Feet Tied Together


 This was not my biggest rescue ever but it was pretty unique how it all came about. I left my apartment to go to McDonalds and to the Post Office. When I go downtown the biggest majority of the time I come home with at least one rescue and I always take my net with me just in case.

 When I was heading downtown about two blocks from here a woman had 6 big dogs on the grass and most were Shepherd mix and not on leash's which was very stupid. I had to walk by them and although I had rescued about a hundred dogs big and small since 1991. This was a whole pack of strange dogs so I was a little nervous.

Well within about a minute all six of her dogs were all over me. Sometimes dogs are very protective when they are with a woman and will not let anyone get close to her. Anyway I talked to her for a few minutes while giving the dogs rubs and when I was leaving. The woman said something to me that really proved to me that animals can sense the love in your heart. She said her dogs never ever acted like that with anyone ever before without barking or something and that was quite a compliment.

 When I got to McDonalds this lady around 70 yrs. old that always tells me where pigeons are that need my help. She said there was a pigeon in the back of McDonalds limping really bad. So about a hour later after I went to the Post Office I went back to McDonalds to look for it. And it was funny because she was walking by the lot right after I rescued it and I showed her that the pigeon had its feet tied together in bondage with string and she was so happy that I was able to help it.

 What was even more special about this particular rescue was. This pigeon was very young and yet he had all his toes on both feet tied with string plus there was a stick tangled in the string about 1 inch long. I am thinking this baby got his toes tied while he was still in the nest. And when he left the nest his feet were actually tied together in bondage and what a horrible way he had to start off life with.

 I think when I released him today it was the very first time he took a normal step without his feet being tied together anymore. What a wonderful feeling it was to give this precious young baby his life back.

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