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Birdman - Banded White King Pigeon


 Usually my rescue stories have a little more of a kick to them. But there is one part of this rescue story that makes it kind of funny. A few days ago I ran into a friend of mine named Bill at McDonalds. Him and his friend Marge always ask me about my latest rescues when I run into them. I gave him my business card in case he ever seen a pigeon needing help. He called and left me a message last night that there was a white pigeon under a table at a Mexican restaurant on 4th. & Coronodo.

 It was too late to bus it up there last night as it was a few miles away. So this morning I bused it up there and sure enough the White Banded King Pigeon was still sitting under the table. Actually the tables are inside a area that they lock at night so I would not have been able to get in to rescue him last night anyway. So I put some seed down and he quickly came close enough for me to rescue him in my net. He has one of the cheaper bands on his leg that did not have the owners phone number and other information like the better bands have.

 These three guys in there early twenties sitting at the next table were very interested in watching the rescue because it is not something that you would normally have the opportunity to ever experience. So I gave them each a business card and they promised to call me if they ever seen a hurt pigeon. I explained how pigeons get a bad rap from lies from pest control companies and I explained to them about pigeons being war hero's.

 So we left and I stopped at a bus stop to give the pigeon some water in the syringe that I brought with me and this is the funny part of the story. I am sitting there holding one of those real small whiskey bottles about three inches tall in my left hand. In my right hand I am holding a syringe. I look up and there is a police car directly in front of me stopped at the red light looking at me. So I opened my hands so they could see the White King Pigeon sitting there on my lap and they kind of laughed.

 I think for a second the police thought they had me for a open container and shooting up drugs. I think that since I have been helping the pigeons on the street for eight years that most of the police either know me by sight or know of me. So all ended well and another life was saved. I am not sure at this point what his medical problems are. It does not appear he has a broken wing or broken leg but I will give him 4 in 1 pills for about a week that works on four different areas and I hope that I can get him back in excellent health.

 King pigeons are bigger than normal pigeons and its possible he was just exhausted from lack of food and water. He has been living in captivity and he has been fed by humans everyday and maybe he just did not know how to survive in the wild and find food.

 He will never be releasable because King Pigeons are too domesticated and rarely make it in the wild. I also want to compliment the employees of the Mexican restaurant for not hurting him or throwing him out of the dining area. They realized he needed help and they earned a lot of respect from me. The biggest majority of restaurants would have never allowed a pigeon to stay on there property sitting under the dining tables especially after they closed for the night. It was there kindness that allowed my friend Bill to see him sitting there needing help that gave him the opportunity to call me and rescue him.

Postscript Dec 12: The King Pigeon made a full recovery and looks real good.

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