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Birdman: Miracle Calico Cat Rescue


Around three years ago when I moved in this 8 unit Apartment Complex. I trapped most of the cats around here and got them fixed, shots and released. I fed and took care of all the cats around here for the last three years so I feel responsible for them.

 When I was feeding them one evening I noticed something on the foot of the beautiful Calico Cat and thought it was gum stuck to his foot. But when I checked it was a growth he had to walk on and if it broke open he most likely would of bled to death so I rescued him just in time. I was hoping it was a abscess that could be drained and if so the vet bill would of been around $200.00 But when I had him examined at Community Pet Hospital it was a growth and he needed surgery and the final bill was almost $800.00

 I named him Honey before I realized he was a boy but that is okay because he is a real honey. I also had to have a special antibiotic made up for him for $90.00 and he needs steroids daily for life so he can't be released ever again. He has a Anti Immune Disease where good cells attack good cells and it is pretty rare. He had surgery a few days ago and I take him back to the hospital tomorrow to get the bandage off his foot and examined.

 Laura Simpson founder of the " Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund " Contributed about 80 percent of the cost and what a blessing that was or I do not know what I would of done. Laura is going to run a story on me in a couple weeks in Care2 and I am hoping maybe I could get a little financial help. I am so thankful I spotted the growth on his foot before it broke and what a lucky little guy he was.

 I am so thankful for the help I received from Laura Simpson.

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