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I think this is pretty incredible simply because this Baby Duck around 3 Inches long survived. A friend of mine was at the beach in long beach with his girlfriend around 8 p.m. last night 4/19/2011. They found a Baby Duck around 3 inches long walking and no mommy to be found. I think he tried to call me and then he e-mailed me. The chance of me ever seeing his e-mail within 6 minutes was very slim. And if I had not seen the e-mail and contacted him immediately the baby duck most likely would not have survived overnight.

The baby duck needed a heating pad for one thing and I had one. I never had a Baby Duck before and I was pretty lost myself. Christina with Southbay Wildlife that helps me with broken legs & wings told me to put it on a heating pad overnight. The heating pad I have only stays on for two hours. And like a built in alarm I woke up every two hours to reset the heating pad.

And as strange as this is I just bought a blow dryer at a yard sale last Saturday because my other one stopped working. I made a mistake and read on the internet where a woman said it was good to give baby ducks bread soaked in water. So I put water in a small cap with bread and left him alone for about 5 minutes. When I checked on him somehow he had his whole body drenched from that small lid and thank god I had the new blow dryer.

I called International Bird Rescue in San Pedro Ca. at 8 a.m. when they opened up this morning that works on the oiled birds. They have helped me with a lot of oiled birds in the past. Occasionally you can get oil off a bird with dawn dishwashing detergent. But quite often it does not work and International Bird Rescue has to use special solvents on the birds to get the oil off. The problem is when a bird gets oil on its feathers the bird is no longer waterproof. And a bird needs to be waterproof to survive.

I used to wonder why pigeons would sit in pouring rain just a few feet from cover. It took a long time to realize the water just rolls off them like a raincoat when they are waterproof. A volunteer should be here any minute to pick up the baby duck. I think this baby did have a Guardian Angel. About 3 yrs. ago when I had my van in the fenced in area for 3 yrs. where I doctored the pigeons. There was a mommy duck with 3 babies following her walking in the middle of traffic and thank god I had my rescue net.

The only reason I was able to rescue the mommy after having the babies secured was because the devoted mommy would not leave the babies sight. Animal control picked them all up and took them to beautiful El Dorado Park to live a wonderful happy life together. These are my two duck rescue stories in seven years of rescue.

I do have one more duck story I guess I wanted to forget. A beautiful duck landed in the field next to my van where I worked on the birds. I grabbed my $300.00 camera quickly to snap a photo. The camera went flying and lens was broke and camera was shot. There's a price to pay when animals excite you so much but they sure are worth it.

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