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Birdman - Farewell to Crippled Patient

A few weeks ago a lady named Rebecca that lives in Los Angeles. She brings me birds from Los Angeles by train god bless her. It takes 1 1/2 hours one way to get here. She brought me 3 birds within about 1 1/2 weeks. One of the birds appeared to be paralyzed. There was a scab under the body that looked to me like its body was penetrated by a hawks claw and did damage to the spinal cord. I kept trying to give the bird therapy a few times a day and actually got him to move his feet and legs but it seemed nothing was working to help the bird stand again and I believe he had permanent damage to the spine. He could not eat or drink water on his own.

Then a few days ago his chest broke open by his breast bone about a 1/2 inch long and about a quarter inch wide. I used super glue on it as Christina recommended but it broke back open yesterday. Then the past few days it seemed like he was giving up and was so frustrated. By yesterday morning he had broke about 85 percent of his flight feathers. He flipped over on his back and couldn't get upright.

Then this morning he had cracked his lower beak somehow and he was just a complete mess. I knew I had to have mercy on him and have him put to sleep. I learned in 6 years and doctoring over 3,000 birds that sometimes loving and helping them is allowing them to go to heaven peacefully and knowing you did the right thing in your heart. But I truly fell in love with the little guy and it broke my heart. But I am happy his suffering is over with and he is in heaven now and at peace.

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