I don't think it could of been any more convenient with me living at my first stop every morning at the library. And it was like all hell broke loose once I was with my little buddies. It was like total madness every morning and I loved every second of it. When I first became homeless for 1 1/2 yrs. in 2005 there was a one legged pigeon on the Lincoln Statute at the downtown library that I named Buddy. He was the first pigeon to capture my heart and I guess I felt sorry for him because he only had one leg.

 Little did I know how much feeling sorry for that little guy and feeding him was going to change the course of my whole life. Well some time in the near future pigeons started showing up by the statue with both there feet tied in like 6 or 7 double and triple knots. They were all tied the same way with the same string and the work of a serial torturer. So here I was and I knew absolutely nothing except I had to try and help them. If I had not helped them I am sure they would still be waiting for help. I started putting together a bag of tools that my imagination came up with.

 Its funny now because I had about 50 tools that I thought I needed. And all I use now is a 2 inch pair of scissors and a couple pairs of different tweezers and a jewelers eyepiece for really bad wounds. By using the jewelers eyepiece it magnifies about a hundred hairs and strings you would of missed with the human eye. And the better you get the wounds cleaned out the faster they heal without more infections. After I worked on there wounds I would soak their feet in peroxide and then Bededyne the iodine they use in hospitals and then I would put liquid band aid on their wounds. A lady named Billie Shaeffer that has done rehabilitation work in her home in long beach on birds for about 50 years. She told me the best way I could numb some of the pain when I worked on their wounds was to use Solorcaine sunburn spray and liquid Orajel that I coated their wounds with before working on them.

 The thing I noticed the most was the more I helped them the more I realized how bad they needed me and there was nobody else to help them. It didn't take me long to realize this was my calling and none of this stuff was happening to me by accident. I believe with all my heart god hand picked me for this mission. The birds had no way of saying what they felt. But I would work on them quite often over two hours. When I would fling my hand to release them the majority of the birds stayed in my hand and refused to leave me. They were showing me their love and devotion for helping them and it captured my heart. Many just laid there in my hands with a deep stare of love penetrating my eyes and they did not care what I did because they knew I was helping them. I thank god for honoring me with the privilege of helping these tortured little guys and what a great spiritual experience this has been.

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