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How Birdman Became Homeless for 1-1/2 Years

How I became homeless for 1 1/2 years I could be very bitter about but if everything did not happen like it did I know I would not have found my calling and I truly believe all the things that happened was pre-destined. I went into a Veterans program at the Villages at Cabrillo for a few months. I was a painting contractor in the past and ask them if they would bend the rules a little and allow me to try to find a contract painting job to pay for my permanent housing that I signed up for and they agreed. The man in charge of me there his name was Da Di Ci and I went out and put signs for painting on ATM machines and landed a interior painting job for $1,800.00 to paint the interior of the house for sale. The man I did the job for his name was Kevin Buggy and the house I painted was at 358 Carroll Park East.

I actually had planned on paying 3 months rent in advance on the apartment I had waiting for me and was quite proud of my accomplishments. I also ended my nights feeding the cats and a raccoon on base every night secretively. I also was catering weddings for the cook there on weekends. I also was volunteering at Petsmart for Noah's Ark animal rescue and walking a lot of dogs etc. Well when I was halfway through the paint job Da Di Ci stops me on the way to the paint job and wants me to walk away from the paint job he allowed me to do and go job search with Steve who was in charge of job searching. I thought he was out of his mind and of course I continued to work on the paint job I was under contract to complete. He got upset because I didn't listen to his madness and do what he said and bow down to him. So he had the RA'S take my pillow , my sheets , my blanket and made me sleep that way under embarrassment my last two weeks there.

So instead of moving into permanent housing that I worked so hard for I became homeless for 1 1/2 years because I was so bitter of the unfair treatment I received there at the Villages at Cabrillo that I didn't even want to be around any of them ever again. Actually I was pretty clever and had a fairly safe place to stay. It was at the downtown library. There was about 4 different places that if you were physically fit to jump down about 3 ledges and climb back out. At the bottom next to the library windows was a place on each end about 8 foot long and you were concealed if the police were to look down in there. There was even electricity for the gardeners and I had cover from the rain. I didn't drink or smoke or do drugs like a lot of the homeless people. And that's the reason most of the people did not attempt to climb in and out and it was safer than most spots.

The minute I climbed out each morning hundreds of pigeons flying under the trees came down the street to greet me and it was such a beautiful way to start my day with so many friends. I always hid bags of bird seed at night in the bushes for them and many other birds waiting up the street by the American Hotel for me every morning.

One morning a pigeon flew down where I was sleeping and landed next to me and looked at me as if to say are you going to sleep the whole dam day or what. Of course it was only about 6 a.m. but they didn't care and I guess you could say I had my hundreds of little friends spoiled rotten but they really did love me and it wasn't just about food. You can tell by all the photo's that we really did have such a beautiful friendship.

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