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Birdman - Kicked off Walmart property for rescuing pigeons

3/31/2012 - Today I made it a point to go to Walmart downtown around 10 a.m. A friend of mine Donald Henson told me that there was a few pigeons at Walmart that have there feet tied really bad needing my help. A few minutes after I got started on my rescue work.

 The head of Security Douglas Chaney of Commercial Security Services, Inc. out of Hollywood CA. that does the security for the whole area there rode by. He told one of his security employees to tell me I can't rescue pigeons here and drove off not giving me the opportunity to say a word to him. I told the security guy I have been rescuing pigeons there for eight years and everyone knows it.

I ask him if he would call his supervisor Douglas Chaney, and basically tell him I do not think they have the right to stop me from rescuing injured wildlife and even Animal Control has brought me some pigeons. The employee flatly refused to call him and said I have to leave. He also said he did not like pigeons and thought they were nasty. I said okay I got the message I will not rescue any birds but I am going to stay here for awhile.

 I do my rescue work at the sit down area across from Walmart where people hang out. He said no you have to leave. I said you are kicking me out of here and he was just smiling and would not answer. I said if you do not answer me I am not leaving. So I put him on the spot and he said loudly yes I am kicking you out of here. He already made it clear he was not going to call his supervisor about anything on my behalf. It was not worth getting into a fight over at the time.

 A few months ago I got into a argument with another security guy there that called his supervisor complaining about me. I refused to leave that time until I rescued a pigeon that was standing in front of me that had his feet tied horribly which I did rescue and took with me. So I needed a Plan-B and decided to catch the free bus down to the Aquarium.

 Well as luck would have it when I got to the back area of the Aquarium where I do my rescue work. There was this homeless woman that was yelling at people the last time I was there. So I got my things ready and sat at a table with my back to her completely. I had a bad feeling about this and as soon as I rescued the first bird she starts yelling stuff at me about cops, calling me the ( N ) word and something about me being a Psycho. I just kept on going and totally ignored her craziness and she finally left the area thank goodness.

 It seemed like I was really on a roll today but it could only get better and it really did. I ended up rescuing five pigeons and untied them and one had both of his feet tied together in bondage. Workers starting throwing equipment around getting ready for the Grand Prix in two weeks so I took the bus over to Shoreline Village where I have done a lot of rescue work.

 But I could not find any pigeons needing help there so I went into town to the Promenade. I rescued two pigeons there and each time I went to a bench in front of Starbucks and worked on them. One of them had both feet tied together from human hair and he was in bondage. So I really turned the day around that started off so horrible.

 And the second last pigeon I untied. It was a brown and white pigeon I rescued a few years ago that I had worked on at the American Hotel and I know he remembered me. He was just laying in my hands not moving just staring at me with the look of love that they get as I untied him and it melted my heart to be helping him and holding him again. Wow, where did that tear come from.

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