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Birdman - McD Drive-Thru

It seems the Guardian Angels were working overtime this week.

 Yesterday 4/20/2011 after International Bird Rescue picked up the baby rabbit that my friend Victor Pearson brought to me the night before that he rescued on the beach. I had to go to the Post Office and mail a package and stopped at McDonalds on the way. I always take extra seed with me when I am downtown because there are so many hungry birds that spot me quickly all over and come begging.

 I stopped in the back of McDonalds and started feeding the birds where I always do. It also gives me the chance to look for new birds needing my help. There were two pigeons in the flock needing help. One has a really bad tied foot. The other pigeon was walking but kept lifting one leg and then lifting the other but at first I could not see the thin fishing line that had his legs tied together. I played cat and mouse with him about 20 minutes before I had only one opportunity to try to catch him with my net and missed.

 I am very fast for my age but sometimes there reflexes are faster than mine even with all my experience. I tell myself over and over to be more patient. But I over react sometimes and try to catch them to soon because I want to help them so bad. So I will keep going back there until I can rescue both of them.

There has been times it took me two or three months to rescue a tied bird if they are extremely evasive but I almost always rescue them sooner or later because I don't give up on them and keep going back looking for them. So after missing the bird and it broke my heart I went into McDonalds. There is a guy I really like that hangs around there named Donny when he stays away from drugs. He has given me a few pigeons before and I always give him a few dollars as a incentive to keep a eye out for hurt birds.

 Anyway Donny comes up to me rattling on about baby pigeons that have been running loose on the ground by the drive - thru for a couple days. Then he says he had them in a box for a few hours and then released them again. I was beyond furious because of the stupid drugs having his thought process so screwed up he simply forgot to call and tell me. And where does he so brilliantly release them " right in the drive - thru " Right next to the drive - thru at the end of the building in the lighting fixture area above pigeons have been sitting up there in the corner having babies for years. I have probably rescued over 50 babies there the last seven years that left the nest early. They almost always go to this grassy area next to the drive - thru when they leave there nest early. After I realized how brilliantly Donny released the baby pigeons at the drive - thru I went outside looking for them with my net.

They were both running around in the drive - thru like they thought it was a game dodging tires. I chased them down and rescued them both in a couple minutes. And they are safe in a cage now and they will have to find a safer game to play now. I handfed both of them last night but the pigeon two days older started eating seed on his own this morning. So I only have one baby to handfeed until he figures out how to eat seed on his own which will only take a couple days. I almost had heart failure watching these silly kids playing tag in McDonalds Drive - Thru { Ha Ha }

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