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Birdman - Long Beach Oct 8, 2010

I brought two more rescues home in the last 20 hours a block from here in two locations. Christina is going to check one of the birds out for me in the morning. I wanted to tell you about our newest family member Angel on Sept. 31st. I was walking home and a young white part weiner dog was walking down the busy street of Atlantic. She had a collar on her but no tags and I think some heartless creep dumped her to get run over. And its odd because I just started carrying a extra dog leash in my bag the night before and I never did that before. I put a free found ad in and gave animal control a description of her and no one has called in 9 days. I prayed that one day I would find babygirl a dog to play with and they just adore each other but babygirl tires her out easily because of there difference in size. Every night while I am sleeping I wake up to slobbering on my face and that is pure heaven to me. Your friends , Danny & Babygirl & Angel & Shadow & Angel Baby & Princess & Baby Baby the bird. I knew this would put a BIG smile on your face

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