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Birdman: Pigeon attacked by Hawk


 The first thing I want to say is how good it feels to be in the life saving business. I have so many wonderful memories to take with me when I die that all the money in the world could not replace. Sometimes a rescue story has more of a story in it then I realize at first.

 When I went out on a rescue call today I did not think it would be worthy of a story. Its pretty awesome how this all came about and led to saving a life. About 6 weeks ago I was in Von's getting some cat food and bird seed. I had a pigeon with me that I rescued and it was in a rescue pouch sitting in the basket part of the shopping cart. I also had my backpack on wheels in the cart. I went to put some of the pet food I was buying into the cart ( and my cart was gone along with my rescue ) Sheer Panic came over me because besides my patient being gone almost every penny I had to my name was in my backpack.

 A minute later a man comes flying around the corner with my cart saying he was so sorry he walked off with my cart by accident. Then I told him he kidnapped my patient and I was so glad there was not any ransom demands. We talked a few minutes and exchanged business cards. His name was Greg Linde and he owns Linde Limosine in Long Beach.

 Then this afternoon I received a e-mail from a Greg Linde about a hurt pigeon that he seen go under a car by 1st & Ceretos close to where he lives. I called him and told him I would walk up there which was about a mile away and look for the pigeon. I still did not realize this guy that e-mailed me was the guy who walked off with my cart in Von's with my patient in it until I got back home and looked at his e-mail he sent me closer.

 When I arrived at 1st & Ceretos the first thing I seen was a cat by the corner where I was told to look for the pigeon. There was dogs around and one guy even had a Rottweiler off its leash by the corner. It did not look like a healthy location for a injured pigeon to be grounded. I looked for about 30 minutes under so many cars.

 There were cars everywhere parked on every corner. I was almost ready to admit defeat and go home and then I seen another cat on the opposite corner turning the corner. Something told me to follow that cat as crazy as it sounds. The cat goes to the second apartment building and turns right and stops by the apartment building and just stands there. The car directly in front of where he was standing about 12 foot away there was the pigeon I was looking for standing under it.

 I tried to coax him out with seed and finally I shooed him out from under the car with my small net. He took every ounce of strength he had and flew up to the second floor by apt. # 10 The man living there must of seen the pigeon fly up there by his door and he looked out. I ask if he would mind if I came up to try and rescue the injured pigeon and he said okay. By this time the pigeon did not have enough strength to fly any distance and I was able to rescue him. As soon as I had him in my hands there was blood on them and I suspected a hawk had attacked him.

 I wrapped napkins around his body and put him in the pouch. When I got home and started to check and clean his wounds my suspicions were correct and I found two puncture wounds. And to make matters worse about 1/8th. inch of his lower beak was broke. He probably hit the ground hard shaking loose from the hawk. So its in god's hands now. I gave him antibiotics quickly which he would desperately need from a hawk attack because life threatening infection sets in fast.

 He may have to be hand fed and he probably has a 50/50 chance of survival. And if he does not survive he was still blessed because the cats would of made him die a slow horrible painful death. He is in a warm cage and does not have to sit under a car scared to death feeling totally helpless and fearing for his life. That would have to be the most horrible situation in the world to be faced with and this is why I do what I do. And it is not all for them though because I could not put into words how much happiness I get out of helping them and giving them there life back. I get as much out of it as they do.

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