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Birdman-Pigeon Named Lucky Escapes Cats


 It's really incredible to save two pigeons from dying a horrible death within five days. First of all I never go to the downtown Walmart shopping late in the evening because I have to take a bus. But tonight I decided to walk the dogs early and go feed the cats early and go to Walmart. When I got to 10th. St. & Lime where I feed the cats behind this tree that sits by the electric company. I can even hear kittens on the inside crying for food but I can't even see them yet they know that I am out there with food.

Well when I got there to fill the food and water dish's about 2 foot from where the cats eat there was a pigeon just standing there. Under no circumstances would the pigeon be standing there if he did not need help. I followed him around hoping I could grab him since I did not bring my net. Normally I would have my net with me in my backpack on wheels. But since I left late today I did not think I would need it.

Well the bird was able to barely fly just high enough to not let me grab him so I went back home to get my net. I was afraid in the short time I was gone that a cat might kill him. When I got back he was just standing on the corner like he was waiting for me. He still could of used the little strength that he had left to get away from me but he did not. If he would of dodged me in any way the cats surely would of killed him before the night was over.

I am pretty sure he has Coccidia because of his soft stools which is probably why he is so weak. I immediately gave him his first of about seven 4 in 1 pills which treats Coccidia, Canker, E-Coli and Paratyphold. He also has one tied foot and he also has a broken beak. His upper beak is 1/8 of a inch shorter then the lower beak. I am not sure at this point if he will need to be hand fed or if he can pick up seed out of a dish with his beak the way it is.

The only thing I really know for sure is that his Guardian Angel was really looking out for him tonight and that is why he was named Lucky.

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