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Birdman - Pigeons Never Forget Human Faces

I could of told them about Pigeons never forgetting a face and saved them a lot of money { Ha Ha }

 I mean the Pigeons have been stalking me and following me everywhere for years. Everywhere I would go I would watch the shadows on the sidewalk following me and I would get the biggest kick out of it.

 About 6 hours ago at Walmart I had two incredible rescues. One looks like both of his feet were tied for at least a couple years. I am sitting here soaking his feet in peroxide and will untie him tomorrow and I started him on antibiotics. He's the one I spotted a week ago at Walmart when I untied another Pigeon but he would not get close enough to me to rescue him.

 Across from Walmart they have a rounded sitting area with a ledge about two feet high and grass and a couple trees. When I sat down on the ledge with the first Pigeon I rescued. Well across from me on the two foot high ledge. A Pigeon was sitting down on the concrete and they rarely do that unless they have a problem. So I told this woman that was sitting pretty close to the Pigeon I would come over there and get him in a few minutes. She said she thought he had a broken leg. Now this is the really cool part of the story. Broken leg and all the Pigeon hopped down on the grass and hobbled about seven feet and came right over to me. I think for about the millionth time I was almost in tears with the love and trust they have for me. He knew me and he knew I would help him.

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That Pigeon never forgot my face { Lucky for him }

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